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Happy New Year – 2016 On the Horizon!

Dear Readers: Yesterday I wrote about veterans and war heroes who suffered and fought, in incredibly difficult conditions, for their country and their people. Today I write about the fruits of what they fought for, and what their sacrifices made possible … Continue reading

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Ivan Lysenko: The Passing of the Greatest Generation

Dear Readers: Today’s blogpost is eerily appropriate, because recently I and several commentators have been discussing vigorously the nature of the Nazi regime and Russo-German relations. My story is a sad one, it is always sad when heroes die. According … Continue reading

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Kherson Oblast: The Ice Is Starting To Crack?

Freedom-loving people like to believe, that in the history of every tyranny there comes a time when, in the words of Ostap Bender (not to be confused with Stepan Bandera), “the ice starts to crack”; when people are not afraid any … Continue reading

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More Petrushka More Knesset – Are Crimean Jews Being Persecuted?

Dear Readers: Two days, two Jewish-themed stories in a row.  What has gotten into me?  Was it the Christmas ham?  No, it isn’t my fault, blame Petro Poroshenko, who has provided so much fodder, and told so many lies during his … Continue reading

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Petrushka in the Knesset

Dear Readers: Today I have a translation of a piece by Alexander Rogers.  Despite his English-sounding name, Rogers is apparently Russian, and writes in Russian.  I am not sure, but I think he is a Russian Jew, possibly living in … Continue reading

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Merry Xmas From Morozko!

Dear Readers: I wish a Happy Christmas for everyone in Western culture who celebrates Christmas on this day.  And I have a present for you: This is a Russian film which I found on youtube, it is the full film, … Continue reading

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Is there an HIV Epidemic in Russia?

Dear Readers: This post came out of a discussion on Paul Robinson’s blog, from whence I got this link from the Liberal newspaper “Kommersant” concerning the HIV problem in Russia.  The article was written on 14 May 2015. I place … Continue reading

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