Tomsk Oblast is WAY OUT THERE, in the heart of Russia. And probably no accident that it is shaped like a raggedy pizza pie.

Today I wish my American readers a very happy holiday, and nothing very serious today.

Why, thank you Ma’am, don’t mind if I do!

Since Thanksgiving holiday, as it has evolved in the U.S. centers around the comforts of food, I have a humorous piece from the Russian press.

I warn in advance, however, that this piece will offend people who are opposed to non-traditional forms of marriage.  I only ask you to put away your prejudices for one moment and try to accept that love is its own law and finds its own way, even when society disapproves.

Because the piece is about a man who married a slice of pizza pie.

Eight out of Nine Doctors say that pizza is good for you! The ninth one is a hater.

This is a young man, only 22 years old, in the prime of his life, and as you can see from his photo, he has a cute little goatee and ponytail.  Any girl would be happy to be his bride.  And yet he chose his true love, a pizza.  The young man was quoted issuing the following utterance:

“In one moment I suddenly realized that half of my friends complain about family life, and the other half, about the lack of it.  Love between humans is complicated and unpredictable, but love for food – is eternal.  Pizza will never reject me, and pizza will never cheat on me.  And I truly love it (her) with complete sincerity.”

The marriage took place in the young man’s favorite pizzaria in Tomsk.  The cook and the manager acted as witnesses.  The pie was decked out in a bridal veil, and the groom literally held his bride in his arms.


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