Another Tiny Victim Of Terror

Adel's younger daughter died in the terror-bomb explosion.

Adel’s younger daughter died in the second bomb explosion.

Two days ago, I posted a piece  about the Lebanese man who acted spontaneously and heroically in the midst of the South Beirut terrorist attack which occurred Thursday evening.

The man’s name is Adel Termos.  [In my previous post, I had incorrectly spelled his name Turmus, transliterating from the Russian press.]  Since then, more news has emerged about Adel, his beau geste, and the family he leaves behind.  The main correction is that Adel’s two children were both daughters, not a son and a daughter, as was written at the time.

[yalensis:  There is still a question mark about this.  One of the commenters to the linked piece claims that “the daughter is okay” and with her brother.  Hence, possibly there might be a boy as well, in this family.  As we know already that one of the two daughters died, and the other one is okay.]

Sadly, the younger daughter, the little one, was lost in the terrorist attack.  Her name is not given, but the photo above shows a small girl with HUGE brown eyes and her father’s Buddha-like yet impish smile.


Adel is mourned by many in Beirut.

According to this updated version of the story, Adel and his child were out shopping together on Thursday evening, in the South Beirut neighborhood of Burj al-Barajneh.  That was when the first suicide bomber exploded.  Adel looked up, saw a very suspicious, very skinny guy wearing multiple layers of clothing, approaching the neighborhood Mosque, and about to enter it.  As Mahmoud the coffee-shop owner had recounted in the previous LifeNews piece, “he stood out like a sore thumb.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, and putting aside every human instinct to grab his kid and flee the area, Adel rushed at the terrorist, tackled him to the ground; and the bomb went off.

As the article notes sadly:  “His decision saved the lives of hundreds of those inside the Shia mosque but unfortunately cost him and his daughter theirs.”


Adel’s daughter will miss her Papa and her little sister.

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