Ukrainian Politicians Blame Putin for Paris Terror Attacks

Teteruk vs Kuzhel in Rada debate

As a stunned world continues to grieve for the innocent victims of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, there are some Ukrainian politicians who believe they know who to blame:

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, of course.

Andriy Teteruk, former ATO volunteer and currently representing the “People’s Front” Party in the Rada, is best known for his Rada debate with “Batkivshchina Party” deputy Alexandra Kuzhel.  Teteruk won the debate by smashing Kuzhel over the head with a bottle; after which she had to be hospitalized.

According to Teteruk’s theory of the Paris terror attacks, Putin ordered the attacks as revenge against France for reneging on the sales of the Mistral ships.  Here is a translation of Teteruk’s tweet:

“Sadness rips the heart, when warriors die defending their homeland.  All the more sadness when civilian people perish at the hands of terrorists, far away from the front lines.  We share the grief of the French people, and we pray for the souls of the innocent victims.

In my opinion, behind these terrorist attacks stands the cold calculation of the vile creature from the Kremlin, who symbolically took revenge on France for the “Mistrals” precisely on the American Friday the 13th.

Someday this creature will burn forever in Hell, but before that day, he must stand in judgement at the Hague!”

Strong words, those; and a very strong accusation!

But Teteruk is not alone among Ukrainian politicians, in throwing out these wild accusations.

Denisenko:  J’Accuse un peu!

Another Rada Deputy named Vadim Denisenko, this one from the Poroshenko Bloc, also insinuated that Putin orderered the terror attacks:

Denisenko once called for NATO air strikes against rebel-held Donbass.

“Theory #1.  Putin is guilty for everything.  This theory is based on the fact that the Kremlin has plans to change the political configuration in key nations of Europe (elections in Germany and France de facto begin next year).  This is the reason why symbolically a football match between France and Germany was picked [as the site of one of the explosions].  I caution, however, that it is still too early to say, that it was actually the Russians who organized these terrorist attacks.  Putin is a madman, of course, but such an action might be too ‘Hollywood’ even for him.”

Denisenko lays out his conspiracy detail in more detail, in Ukrainian, here on his Facebook page.  According to Denisenko. European politicians are already working out the “Putin dunnit” theory.

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4 Responses to Ukrainian Politicians Blame Putin for Paris Terror Attacks

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    Well, this is 404aine for you nowadays!

    Can’t help but to quote classics:


  2. marknesop says:

    “Teteruk won the debate by smashing Kuzhel over the head with a bottle; after which she had to be hospitalized.”

    Now, there’s European values for you. I can’t understand what is taking the EC so long to offer Ukraine full membership – they might be the rowdy cousins, but that can be put down to how emotional they get over the politics of freedom. Seriously, it is only the current crisis that must ;prevent Europeans from being a little embarrassed by Ukraine’s bumpkin antics and insistence that Putin is not only out to get everybody and everything, but actually has time for all this and running Russia at the same time. They fit in European civilization like a rubber boot in a deep fryer.


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