Glucksmann Dies, Syrians Rejoice

Par la plume de ma tante, je suis tres mort.

Yay! Woo hoo!

For today’s post, I had two good candidates, this one and this one, both from the Russian newspaper VZGLIAD.  I only have time to write one post, and I couldn’t decide which one to do.  So, in the end, I decided to combine both stories into one.

We start with French “philosopher” Andre Glucksmann, who died yesterday at the age of 78.  Glucksmann is known as the “Father of Modern Russophobia”.

Like many pro-imperialist neo-cons, Glucksmann started off as a lefty.  Born into a Polish Jewish family who experienced oppression under the pro-Nazi government of France, Glucksmann early on became involved in the French Communist Party.  One thing led to another, Stalinism led to Maoism, next  Glucksmann was a boisterous participant in the French student revolts in 1968.  The Maoists were particularly revolting, and Glucksmann soon came to the attention of Nihist Existentialist Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre: “La vie est tres absurde.”

And then everything changed, when Glucksmann read a work of literary fiction historical analysis, namely Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.  The revelation that the Stalinist Utopia employed a vast prison system, which often infringed on human rights, so shocked Glucksmann to the core of his soul, that overnight he became a virulent anti-Communist.

One thing led to another, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Glucksmann’s dislike of Russia, if anything, increased.  He ended up supporting any group anywhere in the world which wanted to harm Russia; this included Chechen jihadis, Ukrainian fascists, and NATO, it goes without saying.  (Glucksmann is the father-in-law of Eka Zguladze, one of the Gruzian carpet-baggers who were brought into the post-junta Ukrainian government.)

The once-great nation of France used to produce intellectual giants, such as Victor Hugo.

Glucksmann always took sides, and he always supported any “just war” that NATO or the U.S. could devise:  He took NATO’s side against Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, and in fact helped formulate French public opinion against Serbia.  He took America’s side against Iraq in 2003.  He supported Gruzia against Ossetia in 2008.  He cheered on NATO’s wars against Afghanistan and Libya.   He cheered on the Syrian “Oppositionists” who later evolved into ISIS and “Islamic State”.

Which brings us to the latest news about Syria.

Krutikov Is Happy

VZGLIAD war correspondent, Evgeny Krutikov, is finally feeling less grouchy, at the progress of the war.  If you recall, Krutikov has been quite critical of the Syrian army and its lack of what he considered a strategic initiative, in its war against ISIS.

In modern France, Charlie Hebdo makes fun of ordinary Russian people falling out of planes.

But all of that changed recently, for the better.  In the past couple of days, the Syrian army has won a series of strategic-level victories.   Including breaking the ISIS 2-year blockade of the strategic Kweiris airbase.  A success that was so important that even the British media had to report on it.  As the Telegraph piece notes:

The recapture of the airbase marks the first major victory of this campaign, and banishes the looming spectre of a massacre. Isil had taunted personnel there with threats of slaughter, sending leaflets to remind them of the fate of hundreds of soldiers executed when the extremist group overran another air base, Taqba in Raqqa province, last year.

While the Telegraph quickly consoled itself, by mentioning a terrorist explosion in Latakia which took the lives of at least 23 people, Krutikov, in his piece, places more emphasis on the strategic success of the Kweiris operation.  It places the Syrian army in a position where they can entrap ISIS forces in a cauldron near Aleppo.

Nonetheless, Krutikov warns not to be too jubilant or too quick in declaring victory:  There is still a long, hard slog to go.

Either way, Glucksmann will not be around to see the result, or to find out in the end, if his favored side (=ISIS) won or lost.   Instead, he sits now in his friend Sartre’s perennial “Huis Clos” purgatory.  Probably trapped in the same room, alongside a Maoist, a Chechen, a Banderite, a Russian, a Serb, and, oh yeah, these guys, the highly untalented and quite dead “artists” of Charlie Hebdo:

I wish they had a webcam in Purgatory, so’s we could watch them, with their poignant and amusing interactions, ’cause IT’S SO FUNNY!

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11 Responses to Glucksmann Dies, Syrians Rejoice

  1. Mao Cheng Ji says:

    What’s the deal with all these trot- and maoist-oldtimers becoming super-ultra-militant-neoliberal as they age? I bet Zizek must’ve trolled something about it, but I don’t remember.

    Or is this just a matter of them accumulating wealth, getting rich, over the years? Nah, that would be too simple…


    • yalensis says:

      My theory is that communist intellectuals can flip at any point. Note that some never do: Lenin never switched sides, nor did Trotsky. (Both were college-educated intellectuals, who had other options and could have flipped over to the capitalist side, but they didn’t, because they firmly believed in the Marxist theory.)

      I don’t think it has to do with age. Some bourgeois intellectuals flip when they’re still in their 20’s or 30’s. I think it has more to do with personality, and the fact that they have options. Also with the fact that the ones who flip tend to be lower-IQ types to start with, they maybe joined the “cause” for the wrong reasons, had unrealistic expectations, and/or worked out in their heads some dumb and bogus political theories (such as the theory of “TOTALITARIANISM”), devoid of historical nuance.

      In some cases, it can be a singular event, like Glucksmann reading “The Gulag Archipelago” and deciding that Soviet “totalitarianism” was worse than anything else that ever occurred in human history. Solzhenitsyn was forced to piss into his own boot – OMG!And from that starting point, it was necessary for Russians, Serbs, Iraqis, Ossetians, and Libyans to suffer the ultimate penalty.

      Among Trotskyists, prime example of a flipping renegade was Max Shachtman. The event which flipped Max from the socialist into the bourgeois camp, was the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. This tactical, temporary diplomatic maneuver, something which occurs every single day on the world stage, he saw as some apocalyptic event whereby two totalitarian systems merge. OMG! It’s an EPIC event, like Darth Vader shaking hands with the Evil Emperor on the Death Star! This has to be PURE EVIL!!!!

      Sometimes intellectuals slip into the socialist/communist movement in college, and then later, as they mature and comes time to find a job, subconsciously realize they are in over their heads, and start seeking a way to reintegrate themselves back into society. It’s hard to be a rebel all your life!


      • Mao Cheng Ji says:

        It’s odd. If you’re an intellectual-revolutionary-marxist, I imagine you’d already digested the dictatorship of the proletariat, the industrial armies, that the popular vengeance against hated individuals must be sustained as long as possible, and so on. Do you really have an excuse to be shocked? I think not. And if you *are* shocked, it’d certainly make more sense to become a Kropotkin-style anarchist, than a running dog of capitalism… Oh well.


  2. bolasete says:

    speaking as a ‘murrican with explicit experience in these things, i think it’s naivete for not appreciating the real world implications of beliefs and actions. usa was always full of such ‘innocent babes’ who run for the hills when the s**t hits the fan. nowadays usa is replete with ignorant, poorly educated, self-indulgent cynics. today is armistice day, co-opted into veterans day, a la nfl football joined to pentagon’s hip: support the troops being support the neocons, tho in my perverted mind supporting the troops should mean bringing them home from the 175 countries (as i read in the news yesterday) where they are deployed.


  3. Lyttenburgh says:

    I freely admit that I’m a terrible heartless basterd. So upon reading about Gluksman’s death (from an article written by – surprise-surprise! – Bernard Henry-Levi) I did the same thing that I’ve done previously, upon learning about the deaths of Egor Gaidar, Boris Berezovskiy, Nadezhda Novodvorskaya, Boris Nemtsov and Tom Clancy – hit this song.

    The only question that really bugs me now – McCain or Brzezinskiy?


  4. bolasete says:

    appropriate to everything yet nothing, read this:
    if ischenko is right world socialist revolution is on the table. where is lenin? putin obviously wants to reform weimar. the world needs keen, piercing intellect with a fierce approach; the world needs someone to strike fear into the black souls of the ghoulish parasites who rule; the world needs someone named…AWFUL !!!


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