Lennox Lewis: Is Russia A Boxer’s Paradise?

With his final knock-out punch, Lewis left Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klichko barely able to form a sentence ever again.

News surfaced in the Russian press  this week that heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis  has applied for Russian citizenship.

Lennox follows in the footsteps of American boxer Roy Jones, who applied for Russian citizenship and actually received his Russian passport just last week, on 27 October.

Lewis, who is retired, currently holds dual British and Canadian citizenship.  He represented Canada at the 1988 Olympics, and won the gold medal.

Of Jamaican ethnic origin, Lewis was born in London, but his family moved to Canada when he was only 12.  In his boxing career, Lewis has fought many of the world’s greats, including Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, and Vitaly Klichko.  After the latter fight, Klichko’s face required 60 stitches.  The Ukrainian fought bravely and earned the respect of the world, and yet has never quite been the same since that day.  Since his brains got such a terrible shaking-up.

Russia Entices Boxers

Now that he is retired, Lewis wants to move to Russia.  Or at least to travel there frequently.  As with Roy Jones, his plan is set up a string of franchised boxing clubs, to train the younger generation.

Vice President of Federation of Professional Boxing of Russia, Andrei Rabinski, speaks about this in the video interview with Life News.

Rabinski notes that Lewis, when he visited Russia, was impressed with the country, and how popular boxing is in Russia.  Lewis noted that he is always treated with respect in Russia, and he enjoys meeting with young Russian boxers.

Lewis will probably learn, along with Jones, that learning the Russian language is not an easy task.  However, the language of boxing appears to be a universal one.

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