Сдох ли Волох? Or: The Abyss Giggles Back

A couple of days ago, November 3, we read on the Intertubes  that a 34-year-old man named Maxim Volokh has died, that he was murdered in the town of Vasilkov, near Kiev, in The Ukraine.   That unknown assailants broke down his door, burst into his home and knifed him to death.   The demographics of the vic are given above, in the screenshot:

Name:  Maxim Andreevich Volokh
Date of Birth: 5 April, 1981
Education:  Finished school in the town of Vasilkov; no higher education listed
Marital Status:  Single
Living Arrangement:  Lives with his mom and dad at the military base

And I suppose we could add:

Date of Death:  3 November, 2015 – assuming that the incident really did take place, which some people doubt, and which Ukrainian police still do not confirm.

Volokh became famous on the Internet, after posting a 20-minute youtube video called “My happiness knows no bounds”.  Twenty minutes of Volokh basically giggling at the camera and gloating at the deaths of 224 human beings, mostly Russian tourists, ordinary people, including children and babies, who perished on Saturday, when their chartered flight crashed in the Egyptian desert.  Volokh was overjoyed to see Russians die in such numbers, regarding this as a type of karma for all of the bad things which Russia has done to the Ukrainian people over the years.

Volokh’s video immediately evoked a storm of disapproval and calls to block his various blog and youtube accounts.  The Russian Prosecutor’s office even planned to open a case against Volokh.  Russia, like Ukraine, has hate-speech laws, whereby people can be prosecuted and punished for inciting war or ethnic violence through speech.  If the case had gone through to completion (obviously moot now), and even though Volokh is a Ukrainian citizen, he could have been subject to arrest if, for example, he had left his parents’ home and crossed the border into Russia, seeking work, say.  (I know, I know, the idea of Volokh seeking work is a ludicrous thought, I am just being hypothetical.)

Who is To Blame?

As more facts emerge about Max, we find that he spent most of his time on the Internet:  blogging, posting comments on neo-Nazi sites, maintaining his “VKontakte” social media page, Skype-ing under the “nik” “Max NS”.

Maxim was said to be active on neo-Nazi forums and blogs.  He blogged under the “niks” max88, НацСоц (“NatsSoc”), intolerance88, and others.  For people not hip to Nazi code, the number “8” represents the letter “H”, so “88” is “HH” Well, I guess you don’t have to be Alan Turing with a “Bombe” decoder machine to figure that one out.

“Alan! I think the message reads Heil Hitler!”

This is said to be Maxim’s “V Kontakte” page.  His avatar is a pic of Hitler.  Of course. There are 3 basic contradictions:

  1. The “Max NS” persona claims a birthdate of January 2, 1981.  So maybe this is a different person?  No, it’s just an unexplained mystery, because if you scroll most of the way down, to the November 1 entry, timed 19:10:18, you see Maxim’s 13-minute video entitled “My repentance”.  And it’s clearly the same guy.  In this particular video, Max is addressing criticisms directed at him for his infamous youtube video.  While conceding that maybe he did go over the top just a tad, he basically justifies what he said then, on the grounds that the Russians have been just so damned unfair, in their treatment of Ukrainians.  To those who criticised his mocking the death of babies, Maxim’s justification is that the majority of those babies would have grown up to be scum, just like most adult Russians are [4:30 minutes in].  Addressing the hated “vata”, Maxim reiterates his opinion that the Russian people as such are irredeemable filth.  And in the course of his 12-minute “Repentance”, Max works himself up to a froth of hatred equal to that of his original video.
  2. All the time speaking in standard Russian dialect, even though Maxim on his social-media page lists his native tongue as “Ukrainian”.
  3. Oh, and by the way, “Max NS” continued to post some B.S. on 4 November and even 5 November, which leads to the conspiracy theory that he is not actually dead.  Unless a dead man can still blog.  Personally, I take the attitude of Doubting Thomas from the Bible, who demanded to see the puncture marks on the putative Jesus’ hands.

Live by the Internet – Die by the Internet:

Nonetheless, let’s play along, and finish the story by pretending that Max actually perished from his knife wounds on that fatal day:

Sinisterly, in the lightning-fast world of Internet culture, Volokh’s “gloaty” video was followed, almost instantaneously, by the publishing of his demographic information and home address, as shown above.  Which outing of him very shortly led to the news of his death by knifing.

The news of Volokh’s murder appears to come from a single source, a portal called UralPolit.RuA piece written by a reporter named Veronika Bykova.  All the other pieces reporting this news are basically just repetitions of Veronika’s.  And there is a very high probability that Maxim’s death is just your standard internet “fake”.  Probably conceived, in order to protect Maxim’s middle-aged parents and relatives, namely:

Dad = Andrei Mikhailovich Volokh, born 1 January 1960, serving in the military and living on a military base.

Mom = Nadezhda Romanovna Volokh, born 7 April 1958

Married Sister =  Tatiana Tantsiura.  Tatiana, like her brother, is a patriotic Ukrainian, but not quite as Nazi-ish.  She uses her social media account to sell svidomite tchotchkes over the internet – things like iPhone cases that say “Putin is a dickhead”, or have cute embroidered patterns (’cause in The Ukraine, embroiderery is patriotic).  Tatiana promises that proceeds of the sales of these tchotchkes go to assist the warriors of the “Anti-Terrorist Operation”.  Nonetheless, commenters have pointed out that Tatiana did not “friend” her own brother on her social-media page.  Which may be a sign that she was ashamed of him.  Or maybe she is just more interested in selling the tchotchkes.

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2 Responses to Сдох ли Волох? Or: The Abyss Giggles Back

  1. Cortes says:

    He looks a few pence short of a shilling or a candidate for a medal at the Special Olympics.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, the guy is clearly a loser, but on the other hand, he isn’t as un-cogent as I thought he would be. When I started to write the post, I had even drafted a sentence, something like, It isn’t right to murder the mentally ill. Was just assuming that the guy is schizophrenic. (Because initially I only saw a brief clip where he is doing that high-pitched mockery about “Crimea is ours! Crimea is ours!”)

      Then, after I had forced myself to watch his entire performance (of both videos, both the original and the “Repentance”), I had to come to the conclusion that the guy is NOT mentally ill, he is even verbally adept in a way that schizos never are, and he presents his case in, like I said, a semi-cogent fashion.

      Basically, he presents an argument why ALL Russians need to die, and why babies are no exception. And it’s pretty much the same views as those surreptitiously held by “respectable” Western leaders: See, initially they thought that a majority of Russians would rally behind their boys like Navalny/Nemtsov, etc. Then, in the course of events, Russian public opinion switched in a massive way to boost Putin’s popularity, and with vast majority of Russians approving the re-integration of Crimea and so on..
      At that point, the “hand-shakable democrats” finally had to wake up to the reality that they are not going to get the average Russian on their side, nor pull off a successful color revolution in Russia. And so they were left with no psychological options except to dismiss the Russian people as a whole, and basically just a “Kill ’em all” kind of attitude.

      Which Max encapsulates perfectly, and also fits in with his overall genocidal Nazi philosophy. These fascists have literally separated all of humanity into two types of people, and maybe not even based on race or ethnicity any more, but primarily on political views and national identity. One group, the good guys (America and its allies) deserve to flourish. The other group (Russian, Serbs, vatniki, etc.) all deserve to die, en masse. To cleanse the human race of what Max calls “filth and trash”.

      In conclusion, I would say that Max is actually a not-incompetent NATO spokesperson.
      Which is why I hold to the conspiracy theory that he is not actually dead, and that the CIA/SBU whisked him away into a protection program. The Americans neve want to waste good material like that! They’ll end up giving him a job somewhere, maybe as a computer nerd for Radio Free Europe. Since he already knows how to use a webcam.


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