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Ukraine Replaces Banner of Victory With Rag of Defeat

In Ukraine: Two days ago a court in Odessa ruled  that it was illegal to display replicas of the Soviet-era “Banner of Victory”, namely the Soviet flag which was raised over the German Reichstag at the end of World War … Continue reading

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Russian Culture Wars: New Word каминг-аут Enters the Lexicon!

If he were to return from the grave, Tolstoy might be horrified to see the state of the Russian language today:  Every other word a borrowing from American.  First there was викенд (“weekend”), then there was бойфренд (“boyfriend”), and now … Continue reading

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Kasparov Zeitnot: Two Years Off the Clock

This story was in the Russian press yesterday, for example, here  and here.  I found this English-language summary  of the story for the convenience of English readers.  Only, for the love of God, PLEASE don’t put these chess pieces in … Continue reading

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In Former Debaltsevo Boiler: Time to Switch on the Boilers

The town of Debaltsevo, located in the Donbass coal mining region, de jure in Ukraine; de facto in the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) was the site of one of the fiercest battles of the Ukrainian Civil War this past year.  … Continue reading

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Syria War: LifeNews Covers Siege of دير الزور‎

Still on the topic of the Syria war: LifeNews Special Correspondent Semyon Pegov reports  from the Syrian city of  Deir_ez-Zor.  [On map shown here, spelled as “Deir al-Zor” –  in spoken Arabic, the “al-” prefix mutates according to the consonant … Continue reading

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Syria War: Some Tactical Issues

This piece in VZGLIAD is military analysis (author = Evgeny Krutikov) of the successes achieved so far by the joint Russian-Syrian campaign against ISIS, along with some tactical issues and paradoxes. The piece is too long to translate in full, … Continue reading

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Balto-Slavic Stars Shine at the Met!

This is second installment in my highly popular “Opera” series.  Recall that Metropolitan Opera launched their 10th season of “Live in HD” two weeks ago, with Verdi’s “Il Trovatore”, and I reviewed it here.  Yesterday’s offering was also Verdi, this time … Continue reading

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