“Pan Saakashvili, we need to catch the ones who got away on May 2.”

I was skimming through Internet, trying to find out if anything new happened yesterday in Odessa – for example how is it going with Saakashvili’s “Maidan” protests? and so on.

Recall that Saakashvili’s favorite candidate for Mayor, Sasha Borovik, from the Poroshenko Bloc Party, lost the Mayoral election quite spectacularly.  Saakashvili responded as these “beacons of democracy” always do – by calling for violent overturn of the choice of the voters.  In Saak’s case, given his history, one should not scoff at these threats.

Loving Valentina’s new look!

There was not much real news that I could find,  except for this piece, which Valentina Lisitsa linked on her Twitter feed.  The piece covers some, apparently lame, protest meeting organized by Saakashvili and his crew.  The youtube video shows some unnamed guy, who from his accent is probably a member of the Gruzian diaspora in Odessa, making threatening remarks.  Including the ominous:  “We will catch up with those whom we didn’t catch on May 2.”  With Saak nodding sagely at these pearls of wisdom.  The exact quote is this:

«Пан Михаил, вы говорите, что донецкий вариант уже невозможен. Возможен! Все прекрасно понимают, что те, кого мы не догнали 2 мая, они все здесь, они все ждут, готовятся.”

“Pan Mikhail, you say that the Donetsk variant is not possible here.  It IS possible!  Everybody understands fully well, that those who escaped on May 2, they are still here, they are still waiting, they are preparing…”

If this guy’s plan for the people who voted the wrong way, is to do unto them as he did unto their political opponents on May 2 (i.e., burn them alive), then that is going to be one hell of a bonfire.  Considering the fact that Borovik’s opponent, Trukhanov, received 138,865 votes.

Bringing in Reinforcements?

I saw this other related piece, from the same newspaper:  The headline says that Mustafa Dzhemilev  and his “Blockaders of Crimea” are getting ready to abandon that particular windmill (=the blockade) and return home to Odessa, possibly as shock troops for Saakashvili’s Maidan.  The piece claims that the most organized group of extremists from among this large group, already left for Odessa yesterday evening, 28 October.

Dzhemilev and his small army of what the locals call “homeless bums”.

And this news, if validated, is actually more ominous than whatever lame demo Saakashvili organized in downtown Odessa.  Because the “Blockaders of Crimea” include actual shock troops, like Right Sektor, and real honest-to-god violent Nazis, and that sort of thing.  The same people who did the May 2 massacre.  It really doesn’t take that many violent criminals to cause chaos in society.

And these groups also include jihadi extremists posing as Crimean Tatar “rights activists”.  As I described on a previous blogpost, an actual honest-to-god “Islamo-Fascist” coalition, as if created out of George W. Bush’s worse bed-wetting nightmare.

Hence, as the News-Front piece warns, Odessa, sadly, may be in for another “hot time”, as the Americans say.  With Dzhemilev playing the role of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

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