The “It Girl” and Her Dreadful Secret, or: Who Is That Locked Up in Her Attic?

Yulia is a media celebrity in the United States.

Lots of people, including my blog, have written about the sweet-faced Yulia Marushevska, the 26-year-old “I am Ukrainian” girl, initially “The Face” of the Maidan Revolution; more recently promoted to Head of the Odessa Customs Office.

Revelations abounded, about Marushevska’s “educational” stint in the U.S.:  Yeah, it’s probably that kind of summer school where you are sitting in class diligently taking notes while Teacher is lecturing on “How to overthrow an elected government”, and then the Principal walks into class, whispers with the teacher; and you are conducted out into the hallway; and you are nervous at first, because you think you are in trouble; but then Principal conducts you into his office; and there is another man sitting there; who happens to be from the State Department; and he is very friendly and starts chatting you up and asking for your opinions; and next thing you know — a couple of months later, you are returning home, with a paystub and a mission….  Just like in the movies, except that this is real life.

Anyhow, the latest revelation about Yulia came out a couple of days ago, and this is a doozy.

It turns out that Yulia IS MARRIED!  Gasp!  Sorry, boys, she’s taken!

Yulia’s husband is a man named Markian Protsiv.  Couldn’t find a damn thing about him online, unless this happens to be him, which I’m not sure it is.   But I THINK this is him, because among his “favorites” this fellow lists Channel 24, of which enterprise Yulia’s hubby is the Commercial Director.

Therefore, if this IS Yulia’s hub, then:  (a) he is a handsome rascal, except for the eyes, the nose, the ears, the hair, and the scratchy whiskers; and (b) he lists his “favorites” as:  Mark Zuckerberg, “Ukrainian Pravda”, Barack Obama, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Channel 24, Kochut Jewelry, and Gia Getsadze.  All bad choices in my opinion except, perhaps, for Zuckerberg.

What else do we know about Protsiv?

Funny you should ask.  In addition to being an item in the media world, Protsiv also happens to be a close political associate of Andriy Sadovyi, the Mayor of Lviv.  In fact, it was Sadovyi who founded Channel 24 back in 2006.  (In the Ukraine, political parties and media are openly and blatantly intertwined, in a way that is usually disguised in “more civilized” Western countries.)

When asked if it was true, that he is Yulia’s hubby, Markian did not deny it.  But nor did the MarkiJul power couple trumpet their relationship beforehand.  They sort of kept it discrete.  It came out only when journalists found Yulia’s application form, which she had to fill out for the Customs job, and noticed that she had checked off “Married” checkbox and had to name her spouse.

Other information from the job application/declaration Yulia had to fill out:

  • Last year she earned only 33,000 hryvnas.  (Just under $1500 American dollars.)  Categorized as “Other Income”.
  • She owns one-fourth of a flat in Kiev.  The entire flat is assessed at 71.6 square meters.
  • Her husband’s income for the year was 587,000 hryvnas (around $26K), of which 33,000 hryvnas were his actual salary, from his job at Channel 24.
  • The couple owns two cars:  an Opel Astra 2008, and a Mazda Series 6 2013.

When news of Yulia’s marriage emerged, this slightly changed the dynamic of the various conspiracy theories surrounding her appointment.  It is noticeable that not one single analyst believes that Yulia got the job because of her experience or abilities.  Theories range from the vulgar (=her place in the harem of “Sugar Daddy” Saakashvili) to the sublime (=CIA mole).

Andriy Sadovyi, Head of Samopomich Party.

But now, with this additional piece of information, a couple of other theories were added to the mix.  Namely, that some kind of political deal is in place, with Poroshenko’s party needing to form a coalition with Sadovyi’s “Samopomich” Party.  Political pundit Evgeny Filindash is quoted with his speculations on this topic:

“Back in August, not only the Radical Party, but also Samopomich, were about to exit [from the coalition with Poroshenko’s Party], and it was at that time, that Saakashvili announced, that he wanted to see Marushevska at the head of the Customs Office.  One can assume that they simply handed over [this prize of ] the Customs to Samopomich, as payment [for staying in the coalition].”

Always keeping in mind that the Odessa Port in general; and the Customs Office in particular, is a HUGE prize and source of wealth to anybody lucky enough to get their hands on it.

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4 Responses to The “It Girl” and Her Dreadful Secret, or: Who Is That Locked Up in Her Attic?

  1. Jen says:

    Just because Yulia Marushevska is already taken doesn’t mean Saakashvili still doesn’t have his beady little eye following her like a gosling following Mama goose after it’s hatched. Being married to Sandra Roelofs didn’t stop him from chasing lovely ladies and it was because of his infidelities that the Roelofs-Saakashvili marriage ended.


    • yalensis says:

      Dear Jen:

      Well, I’m not one to gossip myself, but…

      We know from the “Alexis” revelations (remember, the trans-sexual girl whom Saak met in New York?) that Saak isn’t really all that keen on actual sexual intercourse. Oh, he does it, such as it is. But, if Alexis is to be believed, he is more into chattering away for hours on end. The Saakashvili Girls are supposed to be great listeners and heed to his endless blatherings without complaint. Just nodding every now and then, I suppose, and murmuring, “Oh, yes, you are so right about that, Misha…”

      But with a husband locked up in the attic and waiting for her at home, I imagine that Marushevska doesn’t really have the kind of time that Saak needs from her.
      Plus, factoring in Lyttenburgh’s point, she might be more of a “Benny Girl” (perhaps we should call them “Benny’s Angels” ?) than a “Saakashvili Girl”. Maybe Yulia was even foisted on MISHA? Who knows? We can’t just assume that because she is young and pretty, that he has the hots for her.

      In fact, all we have learned in life is this, and this is the sum of all wisdom:
      Whether a girl is a real girl, or a trans-sexual girl, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”:


      • Jen says:

        Yes, fair enough, with the additional info from Lyttenburgh, there’s a strong possibility that Marushevska could have been foisted onto Saakashvili and he didn’t have much choice in the matter, especially if he wants to save his own skin.


  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    Oh, but the plot thikens! Samopomich is funded by Benya Kolomoiskiy – with whom Mishiko had serious falling out from the get go.

    What is this all about then? Petya Porokh understood that he can’t “disappear” Kolomoyskiy entirely from the political scene in the Ukraine and decided to allow him via a backchannel to restore some of his influence in Odessa, where Beya’s satrap have previously ruled? And Saaki was told to can his feud with “oligarchs” and focus of Senya Yatsenyuk instead?

    Conspiracy theories abound!


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