Tony Blair: “In a way, I feel responsible …”

Giant Locusts are terrorizing the planet, and it’s Tony Blair’s fault!

War Criminal Tony Blair has finally admitted that he bears “some” responsibility for the rise of ISIS and other batshit-crazy Salafo-jihadist groups in the Middle East.

Due to Iraq War and Tony’s lying ways, and being America’s poodle, and a’ that.

In the Russian version of this story, one reader name of Valentin Vasiliev, commented thusly:

Теперь, г-н Блэр, будьте добры донести свои извинения до каждого, до каждого жителя планеты, может тогда они и примут ваше сожаление.

“And now, Mr. Blair, please be so kind as to tender your apologies to every single person on this planet, then only can your apology be accepted.”

Reap What You Sow

Vasiliev is right.  Blair’s tiny apology (as American expression goes:  “A day late and a dollar short”), reminds me of one of my favorite American movies, a classic of the “giant insect” genre, a small masterpiece called Beginning of the End.  In the 1950’s, following the apocalyptic end of WWII with the development of the atomic and hydrogen bombs, American cinematography and popular culture became obsessed with the notion that “Mankind has finally gone too far”.  And they were right.  In many of these movies, scientists, often associated with the military-industrial complex, conduct irresponsible experiments, often leading to catastrophe (including giant insects, just as one possible side effect) and the deaths of many bystanders.  Call it the Law of Unintended Consequences (LUC – Trademark Pending).

In “Beginning of the End”, military-agricultural scientist Dr. Ed Wainwright (Peter Graves) develops a crop booster which inadvertently leads to … you guessed it, GIANT GRASSHOPPERS!

According to the rules of the genre, as this blogger notes:

9. In any giant creature film of the fifties, it’s usually the hero of the film who inadvertently causes the said creature or creatures to
become giant. At the end of the film he is congratulated for defeating the creatures he created to begin with. At least in this film,
Dr. Wainwright admits blame by stating the obvious. He said, “In a way I feel responsible.”

Dr. Wainwright feels threatened by his own creation.

Which leads to my favorite come-back line of all time:

In the MST3K version of this film (MST3K = an American comedy show of the 90’s – but you can rent it on Netflix – in which each week the host and his robots watch a B movie while simultaneously providing their own riffs and come-backs to the dialogue), there is that moment in the film where Dr. Wainwright admits:  “In a way I feel responsible [for these giant grasshoppers]”.

To which the riffing robots retort incredulously:  “In a WAY?????”

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