Who Killed The Heavenly Hundred?

Who really killed these people?

This story started a couple of day ago, and is growing more legs than a millipede on roller skates.

Recall that the “official narrative” of the Maidan Revolution, as well as its Western sponsors, WAS [with emphasis on the word “was”] that the Maidan snipers were working on behalf of ex-President (pro-Russian Tyrant, and all-around Bad Guy), Viktor Yanukovych.  This incident happened back in February, 2014, at the height of the Maidan protests.  These snipers, so the story went, just let loose and killed a hundred random people on the Maidan, in their crazed attempt to crush the Revolution of Dignity.

American Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi pays respect to the Heavenly Hundred

But now a different narrative is emerging, and it is coming not out of Moscow or pro-Russia bloggers, but out of Kiev itself.  Which is the REAL lede here, because pro-Russia bloggers ALWAYS suspected that the snipers were working for the anti-Yanukovych forces.

Here is a summary of the latest:

Yesterday, Ukrainian General Prosecutor confirmed, that leaders of the “Svoboda” political (and parliamentary) party are being investigated for the Maidan killings.  The Prosecutor is looking into allegations that the snipers were based in the Hotel “Ukraina” on 20 February, 2014.  The UNIAN press quotes a man named Sergei Horbatiuk, from the Special Investigations office of the General Prosecutor.  Police conducted forced searches (in one case they had to break down the door) of Svoboda offices.  Gorbatiuk confirms that important material evidence was found, and he has requested that Svoboda officials come to the office on 16 October to be questioned.

Yesterday, a Svoboda party official complained that police had gone to Lviv and searched the apartments of three party leaders:  Alexander Sych (former Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine); Oleg Pankevych (former parliamentary deputy); and Igor Yankiv (leader of the Party Court [?]).

Allegedly, shots were fired from Igor Yankiv’s hotel room.

People’s Deputy Sergei Leshchenko (Poroshenko’s party) confirmed to the press, that the searches were conducted on the basis of a videotape, according to which, shots were fired from Yankiv’s hotel room.

Leshchenko:  “It has been established that somewhere around 9:30 AM of the morning of 20 February 2014, the BBC journalist Gabriel Gatehouse  was standing near the entrance to the October Palace, along with the protesters.  At this time he turned his attention to the open window of Room 1132 of the Hotel Ukraina, out of which, at that moment, came a gunshot.  He [Gatehouse] recorded this window on videotape, and a few moments later, when he again trained his camera on it, the window was closed.

“Svoboda Party Deputy Igor Yankiv was staying in Room 1132 at that time.  Also staying up on the 11th floor at that time were other Svoboda deputies Pankevych and Sych.  One detail, which is little known:  Former Deputy Yankiv is a master sportsman and shooting instructor.  This served as the basis for the search warrant.”

Analysis of Ruslan Bortnik

The VZGLIAD piece next seeks the opinions in this matter of the Director of the Kiev Institute of Analysis and Management, Ruslan Bortnik.  According to Bortnik, the Poroshenko government feels threatened by the radical Right; and this new investigation is part of the process of the political power struggle.

This is the usual analysis, heard everywhere, but Bortnik adds one piquant nnd unusual argument:  From a legal point of view, if Yanukovych and his people are absolved of the Maidan shootings, then this would pave the way for their return (not necessarily Yanukovych personally, but his team, his party, and his base voters) to Ukraine.  This return would suit Poroshenko and possibly lead to a political “reconciliation” between the Poroshenko people and the old Party of Regions people in the Donbass.  “Putting pressure on Svoboda could be seen as a hint [that the people in power are willing to restore] some kind of balance of the elites, a return to the status-quo-ante Maidan,” according to Bortnik.

Bortnik adds that the Donbass exiles enjoy substantial financial resources; and that it wouldn’t take much more than the disgracing of the Radical Right, to entice them to return to the fold.  He specifically names such people as Firtash, Klimenko, Arbuzov and Azarov.  “All of these people want to return to Ukraine, and it is quite obvious that none of them have anything whatsoever to do with the killing of the people on Maidan.”


And in conclusion…..  er, no, better not, just draw your own conclusions…

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7 Responses to Who Killed The Heavenly Hundred?

  1. PaulR says:

    How did Mr Gatehouse know that it was room 1132??


    • Cortes says:

      More to the point, I believe, is WHEN did Mr Gatehouse learn that it was Room 1132?


      • marknesop says:

        I believe he just counted windows, and it was matched later to that room, either by using a blueprint diagram or by actually going to the hotel. As I mentioned yesterday, bolstering these claims is that it appeared to be predominantly Svoboda who was guarding the main stairway and elevators to ensure that “unauthorized personnel” could not access the upper floors. To the best of my knowledge that was not done at other buildings (except for perhaps those from which gunfire was also coming, because there was more than one, and if so it was not mentioned that I saw) and not at any other time except during the massacre.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, like Mark said.
      From what I understand, Gatehouse was filming with his camera and randomly caught the action on film, namely the shot coming from a certain window. This videotape then became the piece of material evidence for the detectives. I imagine one doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to watch a tape and figture out which room a window is in.


      • Cortes says:

        How odd, then that no report appeared on Auntie Beeb.
        When did the intrepid reporter file his SCOOP for Chissakes?
        When did said intrepid reporter observe and film the gunfire issuing from Room 1332?
        When did his employer receive the SCOOP?
        When did his employer spike said SCOOP?

        In the shoes of Yanukovich’ instructions would follow to m’learned friends for a libel writ citing the BBC as defender (oops, Scottish term of art) and requiring production of all communication between the SCOOPMEISTER and Auntie Beeb in a reputable Court.

        Like London…


  2. marknesop says:

    Deliciously juicy. I personally think the notion that Yanukovych’s administration is being subtly invited back is farfetched, not to mention they would be idiots to respond positively to such a suggestion if it were ever made, considering how much worse off economically Ukraine is now than it was then. They would be blamed for failing to save it when it seems sure to founder unless the west coughs up massive amounts of cash that Ukraine plainly cannot pay back. I also think the hatred the east feels for Kiev now is being low-balled as a fit of pique that they would easily get over, if they saw Right Sector getting a public spanking.

    Intriguing nonetheless, and it is a particularly savoury tidbit that Yankiv is a crack shot. That hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else that I’ve seen, and would be useful to make the case that these people did it themselves rather than just making the rooms available for some other shadowy killers to use. I still think involvement was much wider and that foreign mercenaries might have been involved to minimize the possibility of someone blabbing afterward, but the story does indeed continue to grow. I wonder what will become of the “solid evidence” the new junta claimed to have of a mysterious retired FSB Colonel who stayed in the Hotel Ukraina and directed the whole thing for Yanukovych? Will it just be allowed to fade away as if it was never said, just like so many of the junta’s wild claims?


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