White Maidanites Can Jump, but they Can’t Hip-Hop!

You callin’ ME a racist, niggah?

In the world of pop culture:

The American rap/hip-hop group Onyx was supposed to perform a concert in Kiev yesterday, but it didn’t happen.  The concert was shut down by Ukrainian white-supremacist activists.  The activists, self-declared “Defenders of the White Race”, complained that Onyx is racist and demeans white people.  Just before the start of the concert, the activists, wearing their usual masks, burst into the “Sentrum” club and demanded that the concert be shut down.  This demand was met by the frightened management (after quickly changing their underwear).  After this incident, the Negroes from Onyx along with their special guest “Snak the Ripper” were forced to leave the establishment, abandoning a sold-out concert.

Now, mind you, the popular hip-hop/gangsta group has been performing successful concerts in Kiev as far back as 2010, as shown by this clip of them performing their masterpiece “BACDAFUCUP”:

In fact, even after the Maidan Revolution which brought neo-Nazis to power, Onyx performed a successful concert in Kiev in September 2014, where they showed off another hit song,”Fuck da Police”.  Highly appropriate, I might add, in a country where the new government just came to power by kicking the shit out of cops and burning them alive.

Does Onyx Hate White People?

But as to the key question, and examining the accusation that was made:  Are Onyx actually racist?  They do use the n-word a lot, that’s true, but the specific accusation is that they oppress the WHITE race.

Full disclosure:  I never heard of these guys until …. [checking watch] …. approximately 20 minutes ago, when I set out to write this post.  But don’t worry:  I did a lot of research in that short amount of time!

And my research shows that they ARE racist.  Examples of racial stereotyping against white-skinned people:

Exhibit A:  In this video, the white guy, “Snak” is depicted as a criminal vandal:

Exhibit B:  In this other video, the white kid is depicted as lazy and shiftless, whereas the black guys are already up and busy with their work:

In conclusion:  Onyx hate white people, and the Nazis had every right to forcibly cancel their concert.  The only remaining question is:  Will the people who bought tickets, get a refund?

Don’t worry, I speak jive!

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9 Responses to White Maidanites Can Jump, but they Can’t Hip-Hop!

  1. bolasete says:

    you’re obviously having a bad dream. go back to sleep to clear your head. peppermint schnapps might help too.


    • yalensis says:

      I keep hoping that someday I will wake up and find that this whole “rap and hip-hop” thing was a just a bad dream of the human collective subconscious.


      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – I don’t want to live in a world that has somebody named “Snak the Ripper” in it.


        • bolasete says:

          the rise of ‘street’ music is, in retrospect, understandable. the sociopathic, exploitative economy and its state enforcers gestated, as i see it, in the 60s and were born in the reagan years. us society is very unfriendly to families and children. bach as tribute to beauty and ideals, rap as paean to sordid reality. in some ways i imagine the experience of russian youth in yeltsin era was even more desperate.
          on the other hand, the rhythms and rhymes of rap are grade school quality. in my youth such efforts would have been scorned, producing red-faced embarrassment. today, noone is embarrassed by anything, tant pis.


          • yalensis says:

            As soon as any of these groups enjoy commercial success, then the “Establishment” latches onto them and sanitizes them. It’s all part of the consumer culture. None of these groups, that I know of, present any kind of “threat” to the established order. On the contrary, their promotion of sociopathy and criminality only helps the established (capitalist) order, which itself is based on sociopathy and criminality. QED!

            (And yeh, I don’t really see any artistry there, it’s just grade-school rhyming. I do have a soft spot for Snoop Dogg, though, I have to say….)


            • bolasete says:

              to guard your long-term future with the taint of suspicious associations, you should limit allegiance to rappers with true icon status, ie, they’re dead. for example, ‘4 cans short of a sixpack’ shakur. death by gunfire is the only appropriate way to go for a rapper.


      • Cortes says:

        Not just sour grapes because a rapper kicked the ass of a Russian mobster?


        Tongue firmly in cheek.


  2. Jen says:

    In a way, I would expect rap videos (crude as they are) and other music videos made by black people to upturn stereotypes about the place of black people in a society where historically they are inferior to white people who dominate the political, social and economic discourse. Or throw back stereotypes about black people back in our faces. Rap is one of the few avenues open to black people to imagine an alternate world where they’re on top and everyone else is at the bottom.

    So in the 2nd video, the white kid is portrayed as lazy, shiftless and sponging off the efforts of black people – the white kid gets all his rage and attitude from black people. Since he doesn’t have anything to rebel against though, what is he angry about? Is he any different from the music industry generally which pilfers cultures of marginalised peoples for music and other pop culture fads?

    I am disappointed that rap hasn’t advanced much in over 30 years compared to other kinds of popular music but it was co-opted, commercialised and made banal by the music industry early. There may not be much room in rap either to develop: it is basically the music of poor people who never had access to musical instruments in a severely degraded and brutal environment, and one could argue that rap has to be close to that environment, violent and crude though it is, to be true to its spirit and call attention to the needs of people trapped in poverty and degradation. Rap will only have fulfilled its function when people’s conditions change enough that there’s no longer any need for rap.


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