Syrian Army Liberates Bakhsa From Al-Qaeda

Some news today  that the Syrian army has liberated the city of Bakhsa (Province of Homs) from terrorists affiliated with Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda (aka the “Moderate Opposition”, according to Washington).  Syrian ground troops were able to do this, thanks to help from Russian air support.  The pattern is:  Russia bombs terrorist bases and supply caches; the terrorists flee; the Syrian army pursues and engages in mopping up on the ground.  With this pattern, the Syrian army has already re-taken several towns and villages just in the past couple of days.

According to RUSVESNA, as the Syrian troops entered Bakhsa, they found, horrifically, the streets littered with dead bodies.  A Syrian officer was quoted as saying, that the retreating terrorists from Al-Nusra and ISIS, who are mostly ethnic Chechens and Uzbeks, have taken cover in the nearby hills and continue to shoot sniper fire into the town.  Due to this danger, the Syrian soldiers are not yet able to collect and bury the bodies.  But they can see, from the bodies, that many residents of the town were tied up and tortured by the terrorists, before being shot.  One of the local residents told the soldiers, that this was ISIS revenge against residents who refused to cooperate with them.

When Al Qaeda took Bakhsa, earlier in August, they turned it into a poligon with which to attack Homs.  Now there is very little left, except for destroyed homes.  As soon as Russian bombs started landing on them, the terrorists fled the town almost without a fight; but still, as mentioned, continue to attack it via sniper fire.

This piece includes a video  about the Baskhsa story, delivered by correspondent Oleg Shishkin reporting from the spot.

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