Savchenko Case – October 9

Hunger is a bad thing.

Russian liberal press, like I said before, has almost stopped covering the Savchenko case.  All I could find for yesterday’s news is a snippet that Savchenko is considering a new hunger strike.

Interestingly enough, Nadia’s lawyer, Mark Feygin, in an interview with Channel 5, says he is trying to dissuade her from the hunger strike.

According to Feygin, sounding more reasonable than is his wont, Savchenko is upset that the judges keep striking down Defense motions.  “Nadezhda perceives this as a violation of her rights and of justice, this is why she is reacting so forcefully, and so emotionally.  We are trying to convince her not to be so sensitive, because we still have many procedural options which will permit us to influence the process.  A hunger strike will not do any good, and nothing like that is going to influence the process of the law.  Unfortunately, the court is (politically) engaged.”

And speaking of hunger…

Simultaneously, I saw this short piece  about some group in Great Britain who are aiming to get the government to declare the 1932-1933 “Holodomor” famine in Ukraine, as an act of genocide.    These people claim that 7.5 million people died in the “Holodomor”, and they would like to see the U.N. punish Russia for this historical crime.

The group needs to gather 100,000 signatures, in order for the bill to be brought to Parliament.  So far, they have gathered 328 signatures.

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5 Responses to Savchenko Case – October 9

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    I don’t suppose it has occured to them that the Ukraine would also be legally responsible.


  2. Cortes says:

    How long would it take to get the required number of people to sign up to a similar petition on the famine in Bengal during WWII?

    Tower Hamlets alone could probably drum up 15k


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