Navalny Hides From Bailiff, Refuses to Shave his Face

Navalny used to show off his clean-cut Aryan-Slavic look.

Now he just looks like a scruffy homeless guy.

Navalny used to show off his clean-cut Aryan-Slavic looks.

It has been a while since I did a Navalny piece.  And I have a much more serious translation lined up, concerning the new rocket technology which Russia is showing off in Syria.  But the rockets can wait until the weekend, when maybe I have more time to translate.  (Those technical translations can be tough, one often has to look up a lot of words in ye olde Dictionarie.)

In the meantime, we can enjoy the latest news  about our favorite hero, Alexei Navalny.

But first a literary quote to set the mood:

Остап открыл митинг в приподнятом настроении, не подозревая о том, какая гроза надвигается на пассажиров «Антилопы». Он острил, рассказывал смешные дорожные приключения и еврейские анекдоты, чем чрезвычайно расположил к себе публику. Конец речи он посвятил разбору давно назревшей автопроблемы.

— Автомобиль, — воскликнул он трубным голосом, — не роскошь, а…

В эту минуту он увидел, что председатель комиссии по встрече принял из рук подбежавшего мальчика телеграмму.

Произнося слова: «не роскошь, а средство передвижения», Остап склонился влево и через плечо председателя заглянул в телеграфный бланк. То, что он прочел, поразило его. Он думал, что впереди еще целый день. Его сознание мгновенно зарегистрировало ряд деревень и городов, где «Антилопа» воспользовалась чужими материалами и средствами.

Председатель еще шевелил усами, силясь вникнуть в содержание депеши, а Остап, на полуслове спрыгнувший с трибуны, уже продирался сквозь толпу. «Антилопа» зеленела на перекрестке. К счастью, пассажиры сидели на местах и, скучая, дожидались того момента, когда Остап велит перетаскивать в машину дары города. Это обычно бывало после митинга.

Наконец, до председателя дошел смысл телеграммы.

Он поднял глаза и увидел убегающего командора.

— Это жулики! — закричал он страдальчески. Он всю ночь трудился над составлением приветственной речи, и теперь его авторское самолюбие было уязвлено.

— Хватай их, ребята!

Navalny takes a powder

VZGLIAD quotes a guy named Timur Korobitsyn, who is the official representative of Moscow branch of Федеральная служба судебных приставов .  This organ of state power executes decisions made by the court system.  Google translates the term into English as “Federal Bailiffs Service”, so that is what I will call it.

Korobitsyn:  “Today one of the officers of the Liublin branch of the Moscow Bailiffs made a trip to Navalny’s apartment, the purpose being to inventory and arrest some of his property.  In the hallway of the first floor she encountered Navalny.  He refused to obey her lawful commands and took off rapidly in his automobile, driving in an unknown direction.”

The property in question, which the Lady Bailiff had come to seize, was something worth 4.5 million rubles, which is the amount won against Navalny in one of the civil trials against him.

Korobitsyn reminded, that Alexei and his brother Oleg had lost a civil court case to a company called Многопрофильная Процессинговая Компания.  The Brothers Navalny were given 5 days to cough up at least 7% of the 4.5 million rubles that they were fined, but they didn’t.  That is to say, they did cough up some money, just not the entire amount.  Which is why the Bailiff showed up on Alexei’s doorstep.  She was authorized to seize something worth 7% of 4.5 million rubles.  [Dear Readers:  You can do the math yourselves].

When asked if he could have confiscated the automobile in which Navalny took off, Korobitsyn replied No, because the car was registered to somebody other than Navalny.

As for Navalny, he is out there in the wind now.  Maybe just enjoying the open road, along with his friends, Balaganov, Panikovsky, and the others…

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2 Responses to Navalny Hides From Bailiff, Refuses to Shave his Face

  1. bolasete says:

    okay, i’ve decided i’m too decent (as well as too lazy) to type the 5000 words or so i considered littering this place with, so i’ll stick with the basics:
    is there some goal in not translating that ‘mood’ piece? and who’s the guy in the t-shirt pic and how does he fit and, having looked up os. bender, is there an interpretation i am too dense to get? no rush; it’s friday evening and i’ll be busy. by noon utc will work.


    • yalensis says:

      Dear bolasete:
      You can type as many words as you like, my dear!

      But okay, maybe I am being an asshole with my literary allusions.
      But for some reason, in my subconscious mind, I ALWAYS identify Navalny with Ostap Bender. Okay, Ostap was a Jew, and Navalny is an Aryan. But aside from those minor differences, I see a similarity in their crooked schemes.
      And, okay, it’s part of my shtick to include quotes from Russian literary classics, whenever I do a Navalny piece.
      And okay, I will provide an explanation for the fragment above, it’s from the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov called “The Little Golden Calf”, a classic comedy of Stalinist times, which is about the madcap adventures of the crook Ostap Bender and his gang.

      In this particular scene, the gang are driving through a series of towns, and then Ostap realizes that they have been mistaken for a Communist auto-enthusiasts team, which are conducting a “race” to advertise the need for roads and automobiles.
      Ostap sees an opportunity for various freebies, and continues the impersonation.
      As luck will have it, though, reality catches up to the gang, and the auto-race organizer in this particular town has received a telegram from the police, just as Ostap has gotten up to give his big speech. Ostap sees that the gig is up, he and his gang leap into the car and take a powder, always just one step ahead of the police!

      Just like Navalny leaped into his car and fled from the bailiff…. (?)
      No, no, it’s FUNNY!
      Well, maybe you had to be there…..



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