“W” was right: Islamo-Fascism is the main threat to the world!

President of the United States of America George Walker Bush Jr.

When U.S. President George W. Bush Jr. denounced “Islamo-Fascists” everybody laughed at him.  But now it turns out, that W was more prescient than we know:  A truly Islamo-Fascist coalition threatens to plunge the world into nuclear Armageddon.

So hats off to W for pointing it out to us, so many years ago!  If only we had listened to him!  The recipe is very simple really.  You take some guys like


The bad guys always wear black.

                                          blend in a guy like this:

Spoofy Yatsenuk

Spoofy Yatsenuk

whisk in a batch of Ukrainian neo-Nazis:

Yeah, Nazis! Real deal.

add a soupçon of  “Fat Bastard” flavor:

and voilà! you have an Islamo-Fascist coalition.

Mirotvorec temporarily down

The headline today in the Russian press is that Gerashchenko has temporarily taken down his “hitlist” site, which he maintains on behalf of the Ukrainian secret police (Ministry of Internal Affairs).  Here is the link to that site, which, as I said, was temporarily taken down.  But not before Gerashchenko and his friends actually DID post some personal data about one of the Russian pilots serving in Syria.

See, the goal of the Ukrainian government, which Gerashchenko stated openly, is to encourage takfiri jihadists (preferably Chechens) to follow these pilots (and not just pilots, but also mechanics and technicians) home into Russia, and then kill them in their homes.  To punish them according to the laws of “shariat” for “bombing the Syrian people”, aka bombing ISIS bases.  For this purpose, Gerashchenko is publishing whatever info he has on the pilots and mechanics:  names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Invaluable Ukrainian blogger and media expert Anatoly Shariy believes, as he states here in this video, that Gerashchenko could soon find himself “deprived” of his “krysha” [his “protection”].  After such extremist calls for jihad against Russian military personnel.

I hope that Shariy is right, but I am not so sure.  The Ukrainian-jihadi alliance goes back many years.  Not just Yatsenuk and Gerashchenko, but pretty much everybody involved in the current Ukrainian government (not to mention the previous Yushchenko government) had ties with Saudi-Chechen jihadis, from the 1990’s onward.  Ukrainian extremists were involved, at some level, in every jihadi terrorist attack against Russia, including Beslan.  This Islamo-Fascist alliance was curated by America and Europe, especially Great Britain.  Gerashchenko’s sentiments will certainly not come as a surprise to any of his foreign sponsors.

Maybe the surprise is just that he couldn’t keep his big fat mouth shut, even for one second.

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4 Responses to “W” was right: Islamo-Fascism is the main threat to the world!

  1. bolasete says:

    seems that the enlargement of ukr by l & s seeded the current disaster that ukr is now. sins of the fathers. hard to see anything but eventual breakup: see ischenko article at fortruss. http://fortruss.blogspot.be/2015/10/ishchenko-what-are-real-issues.html
    it’s hard to imagine what goes on below the surface. helmer’s piece ( http://johnhelmer.net/?p=14288 ) came out sorta late today. from his take it seems obvious what should always be obvious, that putin’s interest is killing terrorists before they can cross russian border. and that includes ukraine as well as syria. makes sense as russia can help noone if it can’t preserve itself.
    current odds are 1.4 to 1 favoring annihilation over peace.


  2. Jen says:

    Perhaps the big surprise is that Gerashchenko’s masters let him mouth off or don’t do anything to stop him or bring him to heel.


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