News Flash – Ukrainian Government is Helping ISIS

Ukrainian government official, Anton Gerashchenko

According to this piece in PolitNavigator, Ukrainian government official Anton Gerashchenko, has decided to assist the ISIS terrorist forces in Syria.

Gerashcenko is doing this by adding a page to his website “Mirotvorec”, where people can post personal information about Russian pilots and military personnel serving in the operation to help the Syrian government defeat ISIS.

Recall that the “Mirotvorec” site, which is condoned by the government and security forces of Ukraine, is something in the nature of a “hit list”.  In the past, the site was used to collect personal information, including residential addresses, of dissidents on the government hit-list.  In the case of several dissidents, including the journalist and Ukrainian patriot Oles Buzina, their appearance on this site was the prelude to their assassinations.

And now Gerashchenko has decided to use this site to show his opposition to the Russian military action in Syria (and, by extension, his support for ISIS terrorists).  Gerashchenko is quoted on his Facebook page writing the following:

“I invite everybody, who has any information about Russian citizens taking part in Russia’s undeclared war against the Syrian people, to communicate all known Intel to the Mirotvorec site.  I have created a special page called Putin’s crimes in Syria and the Middle East .”

Gerashchenko went on to issue this dire warning against Russian soldiers and military pesonnel whose identities are disclosed:

“Russian TV is showing enough images of the technical personnel who are hanging the bombs and rockets onto Russian planes in Syria.  Their faces are visible enough, that ISIS and their similarly-thinking comrades in Russia, of whom there are quite a supply in the Caucasus region, will later be able to find them, and to get even with them, according to the laws of the Shariat.”


Russian officials have replied very forcefully to Gerashchenko’s overly-frank statements of support for terrorism against Russia.

For starters, the President of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov said the following:  “We are not about to let our attention lapse, when it comes to threats against our pilots.”  Kadyrov went on to say, that he has no doubt, that Gerashchenko is connected with the terrorist organization ISIS.  He also believes that Gerashchenko has been recruiting Ukrainian youth to join ISIS.  Kadyrov also revealed, that he himself is a pilot, and is currently serving in the air above Syria.  “In any case, any real threats will not go unnoticed.  And the response will be significant.  I am certain that the sons of those people who have been shot and burned alive by terrorists in Syria, are paying attention to Gerashchenko’s remarks.”

Russian Major-General Igor Konashenkov also responded to Gerashchenko, by sarcastically awarding him the “Order of Judas” and calling him “Mazeppa 2.0”.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Chief Prosecutor Vladimir Markin also commented thusly on Gerashchenko:

“The diagnosis:  A vile-smelling louse.  The cure:  To crush it.”


Okay, folks, now I’m confused.  I swear that Kadyrov said, in that previous piece, that he was flying missions over Syria.  But maybe he was speaking metaphorically.

Because I just saw this, in which Kadyrov is in Chechnya with a bikers gang, celebrating Putin’s birthday.

I will attempt to get to the bottom of this paradox!

[Thank goodness I am not a real journalist, or I would have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do!]

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2 Responses to News Flash – Ukrainian Government is Helping ISIS

  1. spartacus says:

    Apparently this Gerashchenko guy has a real problem in keeping his mouth shut…
    “Yes, Obama is a political dwarf because it looks like he does not grasp the full scale the consequences of Putin’s capture of Crimea. Because last spring and in the beginning of last summer Obama took the ‘ostrich’s position’ and preferred not to see the Putin’s aggression on the continental part of the Ukraine. In the U.S.A., Barack Obama for his indecisive actions and lost positions in foreign politics is called ‘lame duck’ which is analogous to our expression ‘shot-down pilot’. And this name is well deserved. Barack Obama will never be put in the same row with such great U.S. Presidents as Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan. And even with Bill Clinton …”
    “Stenin was allegedly embedded with Russian-backed combatants in Ukraine. Critics have labelled his activity a part of the fabrication of war propaganda. After Stenin’s disappearance, Anton Gerashchenko, an official with Ukraine’s Interior Ministry suggested in an interview with the Latvian radio station Baltkom that the photojournalist might have been detained in the conflict area by Ukraine’s security services.”

    I sure hope that some day he will piss off the wrong people. I imagine that, if his website would post some information that would cause a member of the Russian armed forces to be wounded or killed, there will be no hole deep enough for him to hide in. So go on, Anton, piss off as many people you can…


    • yalensis says:

      Yup, he is a big-mouth. And this guy is a Parliamentary Deputy, as well as the advisor to Avakov. But he is such a lunatic and fanatic, that he cannot possibly shut his pie-hole.
      Russian government and officials have replied very forcefully to Gershchenko’s statements, I am about to do a quick update on that to my blog post….


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