Bad Behavior: Russian Athletes Disgrace Selves, Country, and Their Mamas

Incheon International Airport, South Korea

A few days break from the Savchenko case, so there is time to cover some sports news instead.

TASS correspondent Stanislas Varivoda continues the saga of the Russian athletes who behaved so badly on their flight to South Korea, that they almost weren’t even allowed into the country.

So, this Russian team of athletes was flying into South Korea to participate in something called the Sixth Annual CISM World Military-Sport Games in the city of Mungyeong.

According to the CISM website:

“As well as regular sports such as basketball, swimming and taekwondo, the military games also include orienteering and parachuting. Orienteering requires that competitors arrive at a given destination as accurately as possible using only a map and a compass, with speed playing little importance. Analyzing topography and geography in unfamiliar circumstances are the top priority to get the gold.

There are also three military sports — the aeronautical pentathlon, the military pentathlon and the naval pentathlon — that help to determine who is the best overall soldier. Many of the competitions in the military sports cover war-like situations and the carrying out of orders. The military pentathlon includes grenade throwing, the naval pentathlon includes a seamanship race and the aeronautical pentathlon includes flying.”

No doubt, if drinking, smoking, and acting up were a sport, then these Russian soldier-athletes would win hands down, according to the story of their bad behavior on the flight to the games.

Well, let’s be fair:  There were only 8 or 9 bad apples in this barrel of 232 athletes.  But still… It only takes one to ruin the barrel.

According to the pilot of the Korean Air flight, the bad boys were drinking and smoking aboard the cabin.  These supposedly disciplined soldiers wouldn’t listen to instructions.  Their rowdy behavior disrupted the flight.  The pilot phoned ahead, the Russian delegation was detained upon arrival, and the bad ones were sent home without being allowed to participate in the competitions.

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