Savchenko Case – October 1

Dear Readers:

I just finished catching up with the translation for yesterday’s court session, which went quite late, apparently, and had technical difficulties with the videoconferencing of witnesses.  Just by sheer coincidence, all day yesterday, I was participating in a project at my own workplace (I live and work in the U.S.), where we were learning some newfangled videoconferencing tool, which also didn’t work properly!  Although I admit it is pretty cool, once they get it working.

Anyhow, Donetsk Court was supposed to resume this morning at 11:00 AM Moscow time.  It is already after 13:00 in Moscow, and still court has not resumed; or, if it has, I am not seeing any news about it, in the usual places I scour the Russian-language Internet.  So, I am thinking there is some kind of delay, but it will surely resume later.

Meanwhile,  to keep our spirits up, I give you this short piece from Rosbalt which proves, once again, that Mark Feygin is the worst defense attorney in the world, never hire this man if you are seriously in trouble with the law:

Yesterday, Feygin was sending out tweets right in the middle of the trial of his own client, Nadezhda Savchenko.  Now, this morning, Feygin is issuing this amazingly stupid and cynical interview, in response to a news item which came out earlier this morning.  According to the news item, the Russian Ministry of Justice has issued a statement, that, once Savchenko’s trial has concluded, they might consider returning her to Ukraine to complete the rest of her sentence, assuming she is convicted.  The Russian liberal press, which includes Novaya Gazeta and Rosbalt, has exploded triumphantly with this news, seeing in it proof, that the Prosecution case is floundering.

My advice:  Take this triumphantism with a grain of salt.  I saw all of this before, when “covering” the KirovLes trial.  Russian liberals live in a bubble of their own making, and have a habit of constantly deluding themselves, as to the nature of the reality which they faintly perceive around them.  They are like characters from a Dostoevsky novel:  Every minor tactical victory sends them into paroxysms of joy and triumphantism.  Every minor setback sends them into a spiral of defeatism and despair.

Sincerely yours, yalensis

Mark Feygin: Worse Defense Attorney in the world! Has this man EVER won a case?


Feygin:  Ukraine needs to take Savchenko (into custody) and then immediately release her

Dateline:  Rostov-on-the-Don, 1 October 2015

The Defense Attorney for the the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko has commented on the statement by Russian Justice Ministry about the possibility of extraditing her (=Savchenko) to the territory of Ukraine after her (assumed) conviction (in Russia), in order to serve out the rest of her sentence.

Feygin:  “The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation listed out the conditions:  Ukraine and, by implication Savchenko herself, must recognize the verdict of the Russian court, and guarantee that she will serve out her time.  Let me clarify:  Ukraine’s recognition of the verdict would close the door to the possibility of appealing the verdict to the European Court of Justice.  Guarantees that Savchenko’s punishment would continue after being handed back to Ukraine – this would be burdening that country (=Ukraine) with external obligations.

[yalensis:  So… It would be really stupid to agree to these conditions, right?]

Feygin:   Ukraine should agree to these conditions.  “They should take Savchenko back, immediately let her go, and then flip off the Kremlin, laughing in their faces.”

Puffing himself up, Feygin went on to say:  “One should not underestimate me, nor my colleagues, in connection with these onerous conditions for returning Savchenko to Ukraine.  I know what I am doing.”


[yalensis:  What did I say?  WORST DEFENSE ATTORNEY IN THE UNIVERSE!  After this blooper I imagine there is no chance of Savchenko being returned to Ukraine, to work out the rest of her sentence in a cushy Camp Cupcake type prison.]

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8 Responses to Savchenko Case – October 1

  1. Cortes says:

    In Savchenko’s shoes I rather think I might be “Reviewing the Situation “…

    Could be a song there…


  2. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    ‘never hire this man if you are seriously in trouble with the law’

    That’s putting it mildly – Feygin could argue a parking ticket into a death sentence.


    • yalensis says:

      So true! Thanks for the giggle, Svoloch – I needed that after a tough week at work!


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Any time.

        Still, the credit for Savchenko’s eventual conviction may not be all his – the woman is a frothing headcase and she’s bound to sabotage her own defence sooner or later.


        • yalensis says:

          So true. Nadia is sabotaging herself every minute, from what I can see of the transcripts. What with her outbursts, her disrespect for the judges, and her insults directed at the witnesses.
          She comes across as a bitter, angry (not to mention violent) woman.
          Which is corroborated by videos such as this one, which shows her among the other violent apes acting out on the Maidan in January 2014:

          She first shows up at :45 seconds into the vid. Is not always clear what is going on, or who she is fighting, but she does not appear to get along with anybody else, even her own kind. She always seems to be pushing and shoving, or being pushed and shoved, even by her own kind.


          • yalensis says:

            P.S. – you also gotta love how this hardened Aidar Nazi and NATO soldier, who fought for the Empire in Iraq as well as Ukraine, whines bitterly in court about being “treated like a piece of cargo”.

            The POW’s from the other side were treated MUCH WORSE than cargo. Many captured Separatists were tortured, murdered, raped, had all their bones broken, etc.
            Even if her version of the story is true (which I tend to believe), about being captured and transported, etc., then she should still consider herself lucky that the Russians treated her with such kid gloves. She was fed, clothed, NOT tortured, and given a team of Defense Attorneys (such as they are) to assist her. WAY MORE consideration than this sociopath ever afforded anyone, from what I can tell.


            • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

              Didn’t the pre-Maidan Ukrainian air force reject her on psychological grounds?


            • yalensis says:

              I read that somewhere, but not sure if it’s true. (Does anyone know?)
              Not that it would surprise me.
              To me, Nadia comes off as intelligent and cunning, but empty inside and not having any real human emotions, other than rage.


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