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Cyber-Berkut Hacks Herashchenko!

Dear Readers, I got a doozy for youse today! The Hacker Collective known as “Cyber-Berkut” claims to have hacked the entire Internet architecture of the “Kiev Junta”.  By this, they mean the network of servers and routers which connect Junta … Continue reading

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Saakashvili Accused of Plotting to Kill a Young Mother!

I officially apologize to my readers for still another Saakashvili post, this completes a Saakashvili Trifecta, and even two posts in one day!  People must think that I am obsessed with this guy.  I’m not, but what can I say?  … Continue reading

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“Pan Saakashvili, we need to catch the ones who got away on May 2.”

I was skimming through Internet, trying to find out if anything new happened yesterday in Odessa – for example how is it going with Saakashvili’s “Maidan” protests? and so on. Recall that Saakashvili’s favorite candidate for Mayor, Sasha Borovik, from the … Continue reading

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Saakashvili on Odessa Election: “I wuz robbed!”

The lede: Big news days in Odessa, Ukraine! Later today there will be both official and non-official actions to contest yesterday’s municipal elections. Here is what happened, and is happening: Long Live the New Mayor, Same as the Old Mayor! … Continue reading

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Syria War: Successes and Failures of the Syrian Army

This is another analytical piece  by Evgeny Krutikov, who covers the Syria war for VZGLIAD newspaper.  I summarize his text, without adding any of my own commentary. The lede: Recent successes of the Syrian Army include liberating a major section … Continue reading

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The “It Girl” and Her Dreadful Secret, or: Who Is That Locked Up in Her Attic?

Lots of people, including my blog, have written about the sweet-faced Yulia Marushevska, the 26-year-old “I am Ukrainian” girl, initially “The Face” of the Maidan Revolution; more recently promoted to Head of the Odessa Customs Office. Revelations abounded, about Marushevska’s … Continue reading

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Tony Blair: “In a way, I feel responsible …”

War Criminal Tony Blair has finally admitted that he bears “some” responsibility for the rise of ISIS and other batshit-crazy Salafo-jihadist groups in the Middle East. Due to Iraq War and Tony’s lying ways, and being America’s poodle, and a’ … Continue reading

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Ukraine Replaces Banner of Victory With Rag of Defeat

In Ukraine: Two days ago a court in Odessa ruled  that it was illegal to display replicas of the Soviet-era “Banner of Victory”, namely the Soviet flag which was raised over the German Reichstag at the end of World War … Continue reading

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Russian Culture Wars: New Word каминг-аут Enters the Lexicon!

If he were to return from the grave, Tolstoy might be horrified to see the state of the Russian language today:  Every other word a borrowing from American.  First there was викенд (“weekend”), then there was бойфренд (“boyfriend”), and now … Continue reading

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Kasparov Zeitnot: Two Years Off the Clock

This story was in the Russian press yesterday, for example, here  and here.  I found this English-language summary  of the story for the convenience of English readers.  Only, for the love of God, PLEASE don’t put these chess pieces in … Continue reading

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