Right Sektor Rages Impotently Against Crimea

This is what we'll do to you!

This is what we’ll do to you!

I saw these images on Colonel Cassad’s blog.  They represent some “modern art” displayed by Right Sektor hooligans, right on the border separating Crimea from the Ukrainian mainland.

Recall that the peninsula of Crimea is currently under blockade/food embargo from its neighbor to the North (=Ukraine).

The blockade consists mostly of blocking food delivery trucks from entering Crimea from the north.  In the past couple of weeks, armed Ukrainian activists have set up roadblocks and are stopping trucks.  The blockade was organized by Ukrainian fascist party Right Sektor, assisted by the “medzhlis-in-exile”, which claims to represent all Crimean Tatars, even though polls show, that majority of Crimean Tatars are perfectly okay living under Russian jurisdiction.  Stated purpose of the food blockade is the “starve Crimea” into submission.  Hoping that hungry Crimean residents will go crawling back to Ukraine on their hands and knees.

Crimean Prosecutor-in-General Natalia Poklonskaya blames the West for master-minding this sneaky gambit, from which the Ukrainian government formally dissociates itself.

The fact that it is primarily Right Sektor involved in the blockade can be seen easily, in the juvenile threats displayed in their artwork.  Refer again to the Cassad piece.

First we have a telephone poll converted into a gallows.  The implied threat is clear: “This is what we will do to you, disloyal Crimeans, once we are back in charge.”

Next we have a billboard with “agitational posters”, all still directed at the Crimeans living south of the border:

  • Image of baby threatening with his fist:  “Remember, Foreigner, Ukrainians are in charge here!”  [to which Cassad responds ironically, with the comment that Ukrainian government and administration is up to the gills with foreigners]
  • Poster “proving” Ukraine’s historical right to the Kuban region of Russia.
  • Fantasy poster showing the partition of Russia between Japan, China, and Ukraine.

Will this artwork inspire fear and submission in the Crimean people?

Highly dubious, since they successfully resisted Ukrainian coup back when the junta was way stronger and more in charge than it is now.

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