Pyatt’s Behavior is Simply Shokin’

Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin

American Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt

RusNext had this piece  with the headline “U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt Has Lowered America’s Reputation”.

Apparently, Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt, who claims to be some kind of diplomat, has openly taken sides in Ukraine’s political cat-fight, which pits Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin  against Team Saakashvili.

Now, it’s one thing for the KyivPost back in July to bleat “Shokin Must Go” – that’s okay, they are a Diaspora rag, they are allowed an editorial slant.  But quite another matter for Pyatt to speak at a forum in Odessa just 2 days ago and claim that Shokin is the guy who is preventing all anti-corruption reforms.  Here is KyivPost again , from earlier today, reporting enthusiasatically on Pyatt’s highly-intrusive remarks.

According to RusNext, Pyatt’s reigning Favorite is the Gruzian emigre, David Sakvarelidze, The Man With The Dead Eyes, as you can see in this video:

Insiders say, that Sakvarelidze, who is a protege of Saakashvili, has the full support of the U.S, and that they would like to see Shokin gone.  The same insiders say, that President Poroshenko understands this game, and is striving to ward off a complete take-over by the Gruzian Team.  But it’s a dangerous game, and he only has so much room to maneuver.

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2 Responses to Pyatt’s Behavior is Simply Shokin’

  1. Cortes says:

    Obviously lobotomised after this incident


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