BBC: Anti-Nazi Heroes were Kinda Rapey

Soviet flag raised over the Reichstag

The Russian-related and Russophile blogosphere has exploded on the BBC’s latest anti-Soviet/anti-Russian blast from the past:

Namely, accusations that Soviet soldiers who defeated Nazi Germany then proceeded to rape every German girl in sight.

Propaganda connoisseurs know that this Infowar campaign actually started the very day after WWII ended.  But it keeps flaring up time after time.  And not because Western historians seek the truth about the past (which is always a positive thing and should be encouraged, even if the truth is not pretty).  But because they seek to deny the Soviets their rightful victory over Hitler’s hordes.  Or to blur the distinction between the Nazis and the anti-Nazis.  A very convenient gambit in a world where current American geo-political allies include nations which fought on the other side of that little scuffle.  And a world where the “vanquished nations” love to pretend that they were on the winning side all along.  Or don’t have the gumption to admit that their emotional attachment is toward the losing (=Nazi) side.

This piece in KP  discusses the BBC’s latest agitprop, authored by Lucy Ash, which included a disgusting tweet calling a statue of “Unknown Anti-Nazi” soldier “The Unknown Rapist”.  The BBC later had to retract that tweet.  The Russian public was highly offended by calling the anonymous hero a rapist.

Now, as to the facts of the alleged rapes:

Here is a translation of comments made by KP’s Alexander Grishin:


Madame Correspondent was clearly tardy in fulfilling her assignent.  Either she procrastinated, or maybe a tiny fragment of conscience prevented her from working out her thesis to the bitter end.  The usual moaning and groaning about German girls raped by “Russian beasts” are supposed to come out just before the Anniversary of Victory Day.  Where they are more valuable to the West [in ruining Victory Day for the Russians].  This theme is always raised during these anniversary dates.  In April of 2005, for example, 86 foreign radio and TV stations dug with relish into this theme.  The next big wave of the Infowar on this theme came about right before the 2010 Anniversary.  Regular sketches on this theme completely correspond to the urgings of Dr. Goebbels who, with his propaganda, brought Germans to such a state of hysteria, that something like 30-40,000 Germans actually committed suicide, as the Soviet army approached Berlin.

In actual fact, nobody disputes, that incidents of rape did occur.  Especially when the Soviet army first crossed the border into Germany proper.  For example, on 21 January 1945, the Commander of the Second Belorussian Front, Marshal Rokossovsky, issued Order #006, which punished for looting, theft and rape of the civilian population.  Within 2 days similar orders were issued by Marshal Konev and Marshal Zhukov.  And on 20 April was issued the Special Directive of the Supreme Commander.  [yalensis:  with the implication that these orders and directives were in response to a problem that was happening on the ground].

And at the same time, what was going on in the American, English, and French sectors of occupied Berlin?  Western journalists and historians don’t like to write about this.  Because it was there, where prostitution was flourishing, and where the rape of local women by soldiers took on a mass character.

Here is a suprising fact.  Trying to prove her thesis, Lucy Ash writes that in Neukölln alone, one of the 24 suburbs of Berlin, from June 1945 through 1946, permission was given for 995 abortions.  But the fact is, that the southern section of Berlin (the regions Zehlendorf , Steglitz , Kreuzberg, Tempelhof , and Neukölln) were in the American sector of occupation.

So, who was it then, who was massively raping German girls?

And don’t even bother asking who massively murdered an entire civilian population – and we’re not talking about the German population here, but the Soviet population [who was murdered].  The West doesn’t even care about that.

What were they [the Germans] doing on our soil?


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