Fool Me Once: Putin Phones Elton John Again – Or Does He?

“This time for sure!”

For those following the Elton John saga, there was a startling development.

Yesterday, 24 September, Russian President Putin did actually phone Elton John.  The phone call was set up with the help of the Russian Ambassador in London.  The same three characters figured in the phone call:  Elton John in London; and on the other side of the wire, Putin, assisted by his Press Secretary/Translator Dmitry Peskov.  The only difference was:  This time it was for real.  Or was it?

As Elton wrote once, in his song “Rope Around a Fool”:

I don’t make the rules around here
A tear starts at the edge
It takes two hands to rip it
It takes a lot more than either one of us has said


It’s easier to lose a rope around a fool
Easier sometimes to throw a rope around a fool
A ring of your indifference thrown anywhere you choose
Easier sometimes to throw a rope around a fool
Rope around a fool

According to this piece in VZGLIAD, initially Elton John was skeptical that he was actually speaking to Putin and Peskov.  But as the phone call went on, Peskov convinced him that it was for real this time.

According to Peskov, Putin felt bad that Elton had been made the victim of practical jokers, and thought that he had to rectify this situation.

According to Elton, he experienced no animus, he thought the practical joke was actually funny; but all the same, he is determined to meet Putin and lobby for the interests of Russian homosexuals.

Putin replied diplomatically, that he will have to see if there is any time in the future when their busy schedules intersect.

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