Happy 25th Anniversary, South Ossetia!

Flag of South Ossetia

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the day since South Ossetia declared its independence from Gruzia, on 20 September, 1990.

To  participate in the celebrations, the following guests have arrived, according to this piece in ZILV:  Alexander Zakharchenko (Donetsk Peoples Republic) and Igor Plotnitsky (Luhansk Peoples Republic), both of them leaders of unrecognized (by the West) self-declared national entities, just as is South Ossetia.

According to Gana Yanovskaya, Press Secretary to South Ossetian President (=Leonid Tibilov), the anniversary ceremonies will also be attended by Raul Khajimba, head of still a fourth unrecognized (by the West) country that was carved out of the former Soviet Union.  Another guest is Tamerlane Aguzarov, newly elected head of NORTHERN Ossetia, the sister republic to South Ossetia, on the other side of the Caucasus mountain range.  In all, there will be around 20 official delegations, from several regions of the Russian Federation, but also some from the Middle East and one from Turkey, apparently.

After the formal celebrations, there will be a concert and fireworks.


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