When Saakashvili Played The Crying Game

This piece in KP is about Saakashvili’s relationship in New York with a 19-year-old transsexual named Alexis, whom he had met on Facebook.

Watch the video, «В постели с Саакашвили» ,even if you don’t understand Russian; here is the gist:

VIDEO PROMO:  In Bed With Saakashvili

U.S.A. New York, midnight.  Amongst the hordes of tourists, she stands out.  At first glance, just a normal blonde (…) in reality, a living bombshell.

For a long time, she avoided contact (with the media). (…)  Only after many months of trying, and after we convinced her that we are not connected with Ukraine or Gruzia, did she consent to the interview.  (…)  Obviously fearful, she designated a very public place in Times Square.  And it turns out, she does have something to fear:  Every second brings her closer to a huge international scandal.

Before you stands a young American woman of Gruzian ethnic origin, 20 years old, a fashion model.  We cannot tell you her real name, for obvious reasons.

Alexis:  “I met Mikhail Saakashvili.  We had a sexual relationship.”

Announcer:  It might be hard to believe, but just a couple of years ago, she was a boy.

Alexis:  “I had some expensive operations.”

Alexis:  “I was not opposed to (the relationship).  It seemed like it might be interesting. (…)  When we met, here in America, it seemed like he was bored and had nothing to do.  Later, after he left for Ukraine, he became very busy.”

Alexis kept copies of all their text messages, and on her cellphone she took pictures of a sleeping Saakashvili in her bed.

Alexis:  “We spent a LOT of time having sex.  He is like a child, in the way he behaves. (…)  In truth, he simply wanted some companionship, somebody to talk to, to snuggle with…

Photo of what Alexis looked like when she was a boy.

And the first 4 minutes of the promo ends with lots of fanfare and dramatic music.

In Bed With Saakashvili

After the promo, comes the full piece.  Alexis narrates, how she corresponded with Saakashvili over Facebook.  They arranged a meeting.  He exclaimed:  “WOW!” when he met her.  They took a cab over the Brooklyn Bridge.  She started to get scared, because she didn’t know where they were going.  She had heard rumors about him, that he was a tyrant and intimidates everybody.  During the cab drive, Saak confided to Alexis that he had also dreamed of being a fashion model some day.

Finally they arrived at Saakashvili’s swinging bachelor pad in Williamsburg, this penthouse apartment has a fine view of Manhattan.  Saakashvili then dismissed his bodyguard.  Alone at last, Saak took out a bottle of vintage Gruzian wine, a very good brand.  Alexis was not yet 21 at the time, so she was not legally old enough to drink.  But she did, and became quite intoxicated, from the strong wine.  Saak told her that he loved to listen to Gruzian music, it made him nostalgic for Gruzia, a place from which he had been cruelly exiled.

Saak boasted to her that Gruzians are the most sexual people in the world, way sexier than, say, Americans.

After the wine, they started to kiss and make out, one thing led to another and ….

Alexis was shocked how fast things are moving now.  She knows that Saak has a wife, even if they are seprated.  She asked him if she could just leave.  He told her to just lie down and relax.  “Do this… do this.”  Saak loves to kiss.  He is a very kissy man.  She herself is not that much into kissing.

Did he rape you? they ask her.

No, it wasn’t rape.  She did not resist him.  She found it all quite interesting.  She was actually quite flattered that such an important man was paying her so much attention.

As to Saak’s sexual preferences..

  • He likes to be in charge.
  • Like all powerful men, he prefers oral sex (with girl doing him, not other way)
  • He likes to issue commands during sex act (e.g., “do this, do this…”)
  • In truth, he likes to talk, more than he even likes sex.
  • He likes to tell stories, narrate, issue commands, etc.

Saak confided in Alexis that he could not bear his exile, and to be bereft of power.  He needs power like he needs food and water.  He has napoleonic plans to return to power.

After that first night of (some) sex, and mostly listening to Saakashvili’s talkathon, Alexis was tired and drunk; she fell asleep.  Later she learned that it wasn’t just the wine:  Saak had slipped her a rufie, in preparation for a little date-rape action.

The following morning, Alexis, now sober, took another look at her new boyfriend, and was not quite as enchanted with what she saw.  Getting out her cellphone, she took a pic of him sleeping in bed, along with some selfies.  As a souvenir.  Then she went into the bathroom, took some more selfies of herself in the mirror, and poked around a bit.  She noticed that Saak had some bottles of rogaine in the medicine cabinet.  She learned later that he is worried about some sparse patches on his hairline.

Later, after Saak woke up, they watched TV.  Surprisingly, Saak showed her some unflattering news clips of himself on the TV and asked her not to believe everything she saw.

Taking her own life into her hands, Alexis asked Saak about the famous “tie-eating incident”.  To this day, Saak is deeply ashamed of that, and told her it is not ethical for people to keep harping on that and mocking him so mercilessly.  He told her that he didn’t know at the time he was gobbling on his tie, that the camera was on.

The photos and selfies that Alexis took, she later shared with some of her girlfriends.  For no particular reason, just being gossipy.  Unfortunately, some of these photos got into the wrong hands.  Which is what started the scandal.  Alexis was contacted by a masseuse named Dorothy who had previously had an affair with Saakashvili.  When they compared notes, it was exactly the same story about the vintage wine and the rufie.

After that first date, Saak later contacted Alexis again and invited her to a party.

She went to the party, but already Saak was not paying as much attention to her.  There were quite a lot of people there, including Ukrainians, and Saak also spent a lot of time on the phone.  Moreover, Saak had another young girl there, with whom he was flirting, and mostly ignoring Alexis.  When the other guests left, the new girl stayed.  Miffed and jealous, Alexis left quickly. Later, she remembered that she had accidentally left her cellphone behind.

When she returned for it the following morning, she and Saakashvili partially resumed their relationship.

Soon Saakashvili obtained the new Governor gig in Odessa, and was preparing to leave Manhattan, perhaps for good.  But before he left, he had one last date with Alexis.  They dined out and ate oysters.  Hinting at something, she asked him:  “Are they poisoned?”  Saak said, No, of course not, and why are you always talking about poison?

And she was, like, all innocent, “Oh, I don’t know, I just hear rumors….”

Afterwards they had a marathon talking session, 6-7 hours of just talking, and drinking wine.  Saakashvili was very suspicious of her, and asked her why she had left her cellphone behind at his flat on the day of the party.  This was the first time she has seen his paranoid side.  He kept asking a lot of personal questions of her; obviously seemed to think she was some kind of spy.

At a certain point, Saakashvili made a move on her: tried to kiss her or touch her.  She rejected his advances and left.

The video continues with Alexis revealing that she used to be a boy.  This isn’t such a huge reveal, since they told you that in their promo.  But he wasn’t a blonde when he was a boy, he had brown hair.  Also, when Alexis speaks Russian, she sometimes slips into the masculine past tense when speaking about herself.

Alexis:  “I always had a hormone imbalance.  Every since childhood.  I always saw myself as a girl.  But in America it is fairly easy to fix this, once you have the determination to do so.”  At the age of 17, Alexis underwent 8 operations, which cost $100,000.  Everything was fixed:  the face, the breast, etc. [yalensis:  Where did he get the money???]

Later, after parting with Saakashvili for the final time, Alexis received one more Happy Birthday text from him, in which he told her that he was leaving for Kiev, “in order to save Ukraine”.

Having told her story to the media, Alexis left New York, fearful for her own safety.

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7 Responses to When Saakashvili Played The Crying Game

  1. marknesop says:

    What the hell did she draw on an extended upper lip for? She would have been quite good-looking with the lips she was naturally given. That always looks so cheap and clowny.

    It will be interesting to see if Saakashvili denies this, or if it is even given any coverage in the western press. The Georgians are real macho men, and tumbling about with transsexuals is probably not seen as very manly. Mind you, she’s had the op, so Saakashvili could always claim he didn’t know. For all the attention he pays to anyone but himself, he might not have.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, I agree about the lips. I think they look silly. I did some research and learned that fake lips comes from hyaluronic acid injections.
      Although Alexis could have gotten it from collagen injections, or even fat injections.
      Either way, the lips have to be re-done about every 6 months.

      A more important question, to my mind, is where did s/he get the $$$ for all these operations? Maybe from modelling jobs, I dunno.


    • yalensis says:

      P.S. – great song and video:


      • marknesop says:

        Yes, the original is performed by Dave Berry (although he didn’t write it), and I was surprised to learn the backing guitarist was a very young Jimmy Page, long before Led Zeppelin and when he was still a studio guitarist.

        It was a great film, too. That guy Jaye Davidson is creepy good-looking as a woman; he won an Oscar for that filom, and it was definitely his big role. He was also the Sun God, Ra, in “Stargate”. Which was a pretty lame film. He is, probably unsurprisingly, gay – I don’t think he would have been able to play that part with such feeling if he were not – but not a transsexual. In fact, he bemoans his feminine looks as he says homosexuals prefer very masculine-looking men. I’ll take his word for it, although I have seen quite a few gay male couples in which you would be able to spot both of them as gay a mile away, together or apart.

        As far as the lips go, I wasn’t talking about their size or fullness – that appears to be natural, if you look at the pictures of him when he was still a male; he was very good-looking, if a little feminine, and would have made a sensational male model. No, I’m talking about the practice some women have of trying to make their upper lip look taller by actually drawing lipstick onto their face above the lipline. He doesn’t appear to always do it because it looks like it’s absent in some shots, or perhaps it’s just a paler shade of lipstick. It’s intended to be a sort of trompe l’oeil effect from a distance, but up close it looks awful. In my opinion. I think it was originally adopted to compensate for a thin upper lip, but you see quite a few women doing it who don’t need to, the same way that some shave off their eyebrows and draw them on with an eyebrow pencil (you’d be surprised how much like a pig some people look with no eyebrows) or put a fake mole on their upper lip like Madonna. I always thought Cindy Crawford’s was fake, too, but apparently it is real.


        • yalensis says:

          wow, what a great song. The Dave Berry is a great version too, but I think I like the “Boy George” version even more, because of that low throbbing bass line. And I love the changes of key – very effective music.

          Yeah, Jaye Davison was very good in that film (and made a very pretty woman, I’d jump in bed with him in a heartbeat), I saw the movie on video, and I was the only one in the room who didn’t know “the secret”, so I was the one who jumped up and exclaimed: “Are you telling me that’s a DUDE?”

          Yeah, and I also watched Jaye as the campy God “Ra” in “Stargate”, that was a fairly gay movie too, and you could tell that the (probably gay) writers wanted to make Kurt Russell and that Egyptian kid Skaara a “man-boy” couple, but they had to keep it clean for the mass audience. So instead, they have “Colonel O’Neill” just being a gruff but affectionate father figure to this incredibly beautiful teenaged boy. Hee hee, not fooling anyone…

          Returning to the “Crying Game”, that movie is so fucking great on so many different levels. I thought Stephen Rea was absolutely brilliant as Fergus. And if you look at the film just at the political level, it’s a brilliant piece of anti-IRA propaganda. I watched it with a girl who was fairly pro-IRA, or at least anti-English, but by the end of the film she was rooting for the Miranda Richardson character to be gunned down: “Go Dil, kill that terrorist bitch!” Rooting for Dil to put a cap in her, because this horrible woman stood in the way of this awesome love between Dil and Fergus. Now, THAT’S what I call an effective political film!


  2. iki says:

    she is so beautiful !

    Liked by 1 person

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