Twitter Feed Lures Hordes to Europe

Goths vs Romans

Here is an interesting piece from KP.  The author, Evgeny Chernykh, writes about the refugee crisis rocking Europe.

Is this one of those spontaneous, elemental mass migrations of people, as has occurred in ancient times?

No, according to cyberwar expert, Elena Larina, quoted in the piece.  This is a “special operation”, organized by the powers-that-be.  Using mass media, especially Twitter, to lure the refugees from Syria to Europe.  One must always keep in mind that the American-sponsored “Arab spring” began in Tunisia, and not for nothing was called the “Twitter Revolution”.  Tunisia, and the ensuing “color revolutions” were proof of concept operations.  They proved that large numbers of people (in the tens and even hundreds of thousands) can be politically manipulated, even physically moved around, via social media.

Chernykh also quotes PhD philosopher Vladimir Shalak.  Shalak has run a special analytical computer program against Twitter.  The results show the marketing campaign to attract refugees under the hashtag «Welcome, refugees».   The two countries named most as being receptors, were Germany and Hungary.

Analysis also shows that social media provided the refugees with maps, routes, transportation info, tipsheets on how to comport themselves with police and speak to the media, etc.

It would be like Etzel and his hordes had Google maps and PR agents when they invaded Europe!

OMG! What can we do?

We must protect the children!

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3 Responses to Twitter Feed Lures Hordes to Europe

  1. Jen says:

    It would be interesting to know who is running this marketing campaign #Welcome,refugees and who commissioned the person or persons to run it.


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