Navalny Accuses Tatyana Navka Of Being Rich

Anti-Corruption Blogger Alexei Navalny

Maybe some people didn’t know this, but Putin’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, bagged one of the hottest babes in the Russian figure skating world:

Namely, former Olympic Ice Dancing star, Tatyana Navka.

Tatyana was the Olympic Ice Dance champion in 2006, along with skating partner, Roman Kostomarov.

Check out their moves (and her super-toned body) in this youtube video:

A couple of months ago, Tatyana married Peskov.  Prior to that, they were an item, and had a daughter together; both had previous marriages.

About six months before she married Peskov, Tatyana purchased a ritzy 470-million ruble house in a swanky Moscow suburb.

Showing off his Anti-Corruption footwork sequence, Alexei Navalny has criticized Navka-Peskov on his blog.  Accusing them of gross corruption.  What with the expensive watch, the luxury house, and the trophy wife.  The story was picked up by (was actually written for, one might assume cynically), Radio Free Europe.

Navka quite sensibly refused to respond to Navalny’s attack, other than saying, “Oi, I don’t want to comment on anything that maniac says.”

Is it possible, though, that Navalny is simply skating on thin ice here?

News flash:  In Russia, Olympic athletes are RICH.  Perhaps Navka actually purchased the house with her own money.  Which she earned honorably, from years of getting up early in the morning and hitting the ice, to practice her choctaws and twizzles.

Navalny himself, of course, as we all know, L’incorruptible, lives in a humble cottage, ascetically feeding on nothing but black bread and lentil soup.

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