Priceless Wine Consumed At Putin’s Bunga-Bunga Party

The Russian online press was all over this story yesterday.

Recall last week Putin and Berlusconi, on their tour of the peninsula, visited the famous wine cellars of Massandra, in Yalta, Crimea.

This trip caused the Ukrainian government to burn with rage.  Not only is Putin flaunting the fact that Russia controls Crimea now, but Putin is even bringing his European friends to show it off.

In an attempt to even the score, the Ukrainian “Prosecutor’s Office” of their “Crimean Government in Exile” has opened a legal case.  Claiming that the Director of the Massandra cellars allegedly popped open a 240-year-old vintage sherry; and that said sherry did then go straight down the gullets of the two politicians.

Ukrainian Deputy Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnitsky has opened a case under Part 5, Article 1 of Ukrainian codex (=Theft of State property valued at more than 2 million hryvnas) against the Massandra Director, Yanin Pavlenko.  Kholodnitsky accuses Pavlenko of grabbing the bottle of sherry, dated 1775, and uncorking it for his two illustrious visitors.  This particular bottle was allegedly brought to Massandra from Spain by the actual founder of the Massandra cellars, Count Mikhail Vorontsov.

Count Vorontsov

Wine afficionados admit, that such a bottle of wine today would be worth from 100 to 150 thousand American dollars.

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