Lyashko: I will put Porky On a Stick

Igor Mosiychuk

Breaking News!

Earlier today was expelled from the Rada:   Ukrainian Parliamentary Deputy (“Radical Party”) Igor Mosiychuk, who normally has to buy his swastika T-shirts at the “Big And Tall Nazi” men’s clothing store.

Igor was expelled, then arrested; as avtozeky pulled up to the back to take him away.

Igor’s friend Oleg Lyashko, leader of the Radical Party, is absolutely furious.

Lyashko threatened fire and brimstone against Poroshenko and the others.  Lyashko says he will initiate impeachment proceedings pronto.

“This is not a President,” Lyashko fumed.  “This is a Mafia boss.  A corrupt politician.  A dictator.  A man who knows no bounds.  A huckster, who speculates on the war.”

Earlier, Lyashko has announced, that Porky is dead to him; and that Porky will eventually be carried out of the presidential palace on the tines of pitchforks.

Oleg Lyashko preparing shashlyk

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4 Responses to Lyashko: I will put Porky On a Stick

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    How many times!

    Lyashko, Biletsky, Yarosh – they’re all the boy who cried ‘putsch!’ at this point.

    And Lyashko is about the least likely candidate… remember what happened when he tried to intimidate the thug Shevchenko from Ivano-Frankovsk?


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