Savik Switches Teams

Savik Shuster

Petro Poroshenko

The Ukrainian media world is all agog with the news:

Ukrainian TV personality Savik Shuster is moving his show to a channel owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Say what you will about Shuster, but his talk show has probably the best format in the world; somehow he gets top-ranking government and military officials, among others, to sit for hours, either in the studio or on remote Skype, and even listen as well as talk.  Over the years, his show has moved around between the “Inter TV” channel, and the state-run Pershyi Natsionalnyi (“First National”).

But recently we learned that Savik is taking his show to the Channel called “1+1” which is owned by Igor (“Benny”) Kolomoisky.

The RusVesna piece, which repeats material from the Ukrainian online newspaper  «Украинская правда»  (“Ukrainskaya Pravda”), notes that several “Opposition” type figures are already gathering in a circle around Kolomoisky; and that this is driving Poroshenko insane with fury.

Quoting and translating from UP:

On the first of September, Igor Kolomoisky received an important guest in his Swiss residence.  The TV host Savik Shuster came to visit the Ukrainian oligarch, in order to discuss putting his show “Shuster Live” on (Kolomoisky’s) channel “1+1”.  After two hours of intense discussion, the two sides slapped hands [high-fived?].  A day later, the press release appeared, noting that Shuster’s political show is moving to one of the highest-rated TV channels.  Word was, that the President (Poroshenko) flew into a rage when he heard the news….

Why was Poroshenko so upset?  The piece goes on to note that Poroshenko and Kolomoisky are currently in a state of virtual war, one against the other.  Hence, Savik’s act can be seen as a stab in the back to Poroshenko, what with upcoming elections approaching, and all.  The article concludes that the Administration of the President [I think that is what they mean by the initials “AP”]  is trying to find a way to block Savik from re-entering Ukraine, and also to revoke Benny’s license for his TV channel.

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7 Responses to Savik Switches Teams

  1. A.I.Schmelzer says:

    I understand Shuster.

    Kolomoisky is basically a real life James Bond villain (complete with a shark tank). Therefor he can only be beaten by a real life James Bond. Poroschenko is certainly no real life James Bond, and therefor the smart money is on Benya.


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