American Hybrid War Reaches Odessa Port

This past weekend the American War Exercise called “Sea Breeze” concluded in the city of Odessa (which they spelled wrong).  These are the Black Sea war games, in which America and its NATO (and non-NATO) allies practice going to war against Russia on the sea.

Earlier, one of the Ukrainian naval commanders, Serhiy Haiduk sort of gave the game away as to what they are planning for, when he was quoted in a television interview saying the following:

“We [and the Americans] are also working out (scenarios) which are not familiar to the Ukrainian armed forces.  Namely, a situation involving the civil population, and having to present (military) force against the civilian population.  As one element of the hybrid warfare.”

Here is the clip in question, it’s in Ukrainian:

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One Response to American Hybrid War Reaches Odessa Port

  1. the saucer people says:

    Many thanks for providing a segment of the translation – you are absolutely right, Serhiy Haiduk really does give the entire game away! The fact that they are engaged in exercises to train the Ukrainian Navy to launch attacks on civilian populations really shows what the US military trainers have been doing in Ukraine all along.

    It has nothing to do with how the training is portrayed in the western media, as a defensive action to counter the Russian ‘threat’ of invasion and everything to do with training the Ukrainian army (and its Right-Sector para-military proxy forces) to launch offensive attacks against Eastern Ukraine.

    It actually reminds me of an RT article from a couple of months ago where British military trainers were speaking about training the Ukrainian army in ‘defensive’ urban warfare – obviously ‘defensive’ actions can transform into ‘offensive’ actions – but like this, the real story is the fact they are training the Ukrainian army to fight in cities and towns against a civilian population.


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