Elton John Begs Nazis: Be Tolerant!



Yesterday, much of the Russian press picked up the “Elton John in Ukraine” story.

For example this piece, with the headline  Elton John Hopes that in the Ukraine of the future, gays will not be attacked [by street mobs] shouting “Death to Faggots”.  Which is actually, precisely, what happened to gay-rights activists on June 6 of this year, when they attempted to hold their EU-approved “pride march” in Kiev.  What Sir Elton omitted to mention, is that the street thugs attacking the gay-rights folks were members of Right Sektor, the key force behind the Maidan coup so beloved of Western “democracies”.

Here is an English-language version  of the Elton John story, for context.

Sir Elton was speaking at the annual “YES Conference” (=Yalta European Strategy), which is a joke, because Yalta (Crimea) belongs to Russia now, so the Yalta Conference had to take place in Kiev this year.

What is “YES”?

Long Description, from their website:

YES addresses Ukraine’s development in the context of today’s challenges and opportunities offered by the dynamics of a modern world. For YES, the primary objective is to help Ukraine develop into a modern, democratic and economically powerful country. Through public dialogue and personal networking with decision makers, top experts, business leaders and journalists YES strives to contribute to the effective integration of Ukraine into key international systems.

Short Description:  YES is a project funded by the wealthiest of all Ukrainian oligarch, Viktor Pinchuk, one of the handful of sociopaths who have, over the past 25 years, plunged Ukraine into dire poverty and chaos of a failed state.  Their goal, of course, is to “integrate” Ukraine into the Western World.  Or at least “integrate” Ukraine’s natural resources into European and American pockets – but that is the cynical view, and I digress.

Rose-Colored Glasses?

Elton John is a very talented artist, there is no doubt about that.  He has written quite a few awsome songs over the years.  I have my favorites among them, like everybody does.  There is even a Russian-themed one called “Nikita”, which tells the story of Elton having a crush or sexual attraction for a hunky Russian border-guard whom he happened to encounter at the customs desk during a trip to the Soviet Union.

I think my favorite Elton John song is his mega-hit “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”:

To me, the song speaks of disappointment and disillusionment; but also the irrepressible hope that things will get better; that this “Dorothy” will find her perfect Emerald City at last; however she pretends that she has given up the quest.

And so here is Elton in Kiev, he has mistaken this violent, lawless, poverty-ensaddled hell with the Emerald City of his mind’s eye; he begs an illegitimate government which came to power by a violent coup fronted by neo-nazi militias and street thugs; imploring them to be European, tolerant and democratic, the perfect society he dreams of.

I seem to recall from “The Wizard of Oz” that Dorothy was forced to put on rose-colored glasses before entering the Emerald City.  And it is apropos that Sir Elton was wearing his, for the meeting in Kiev.  Because only the most powerful calibre of rose-colored glasses can make this:

look like this:

Is Russia So Terrible?

Sir Elton concluded his stay in Kiev by mentioning that he would like to meet with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, presumably to lobby for gay rights in Russia and to correct Putin’s “ridiculous” views on the issue.

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Elton said he would welcome talks with Mr Putin even though “he may laugh behind my back… and call me an absolute idiot”.

There are so many things wrong with this.  Where to begin?  For starters:

  • Elton is being paranoid.  How does he know that Putin will laugh at him behind his back?  Putin might just be a fan of his music – who knows?  If they do end up meeting, it is better to go in with a positive attitude, than making unwarranted assumptions about the other person.
  • Secondly, Putiin is not an absolute ruler who can just wave a magic wand, change policies, and make laws.  He is influential, at best.  I would even say “powerful”.  But his power is not absolute.  Russia does have a political system after all, with elections, parties and a Parliament, and all that stuff.
  • Elton John is a great musician, but he does not appear to be very bright, as a political thinker.  Especially letting himself be used like this, by Banderites, nation-destroyers, and plunderers.
  • Homosexuality is a delicate issue in these traditional-minded cultures.  It’s not just Russia.  All of Eastern Europe is like that.  (Not to mention the rest of the world.)  When attempting to change ingrained attitudes about sex and family life, usually the subtle approach is best.  Along with a lot of patience and good will.
  • Elton, please take off those rose-colored glasses, and try to see Reality for what it is!
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12 Responses to Elton John Begs Nazis: Be Tolerant!

  1. et Al says:

    I’m a bit surprised that Elton didn’t go with his husband and kid. Maybe he was advised otherwise.

    My favorite:

    When will artist learn to be extremely careful about politics? They seem to be drawn in by the romance, dreams and words that have been carefully parsed to attract aspirational type, and when they do open their mouths, nothing but inane and ignorant words come out. It’s fine to express concern about refugees/whatever, but what of all those artists who have pitched in with the Do Something crowd that has only lead to all the drowning in blood in the Middle East? Opps? No. Silence. Yes. Useful idiots indeed.


  2. Fern says:

    “Elton John is a great musician but he does not appear to be very bright, as a political thinker”. I couldn’t agree more. At the ‘Yalta’ conference – actually held in Kiev since Yalta wasn’t available for the gig, he was the guest of one oligarch whom he referred to as a friend and was speaking to other oligarchs – the people who’ve reduced Ukraine to its present pitiful state. No mention of their criminality and corruption and the enriching of themselves at the expense of millions of other Ukrainians, gay and straight alike. No, so long as the rich and powerful pay lip service to gay rights, they can continue to make out like bandits. No wonder the billionaire class rush to embrace people like Sir Elton – he challenges and threatens nothing important.


    • yalensis says:

      Exactly. I am still not sure, in my mind, if Sir Elton is just a “useful idiot” or a conscious tool like, say, Imperialist Tool George Clooney. Who, I am sure knows exactly what he is doing. (I put Angelina Jolie in that category too; she knows exactly what she is doing when she carries out the foreign policy agenda of The Empire).
      Because I sort of still like Elton John (at least his music), maybe I try to make excuses for him; like, he is just naive, or dumb, or something. But maybe I am deluding myself. Or maybe he truly sold his soul to the devil when She gave him that Knighthood – LOL!


      • Jen says:

        I think at his age, Elton John has been subjected to a lot of flattery and fawning and he likely overestimates the esteem people hold him in and his importance to the wider world. Don’t forget he played a leading role during the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, and has participated in major concerts for humanitarian causes that have been broadcast very widely. All that praise and fawning can’t be good for his ego. He’s been vain in the past as well: stories about how much he spent on combating his baldness and the lengths he went to in stopping his hair from disappearing are legion.

        As Fern says, one of John’s friends is an oligarch. John simply hasn’t made the connection between his friend and the other oligarchs who support the Poroshenko regime and who benefit from it. Even if that connection were pointed out to him, he might simply refuse to believe that his pal could be another big-time crook living as a parasite on the State.

        Like a lot of other British rock stars of his generation, John is politically naive. We have to remember that a lot of these musicians left school at an early age (15 years) not knowing a great deal, and did not (or could not) pursue further education. The most they might have got would have been a couple of years slumming at an art school. Even Queen who boasted several years of university education (including progress towards a PhD in astronomy, in Brian May’s case) among them, played in South Africa at the height of its apartheid regime and toured Argentina and Brazil during the early 1980s when those countries were still ruled by military governments that arrested and tortured people. They went ahead because they were ignorant of these countries’ troubling history.


  3. et Al says:

    BBC Nudes tells me that Pootin has phoned Elton.


    • yalensis says:

      Is true, my friend!
      Check it out here .
      I haven’t read the English-language version yet, haven’t had time.
      The Russian version doesn’t say much; just that Putin got on the horn and phoned Sir Elton.
      Elton said he was happy to talk to the Russian leader and hopes they can meet in person.
      Do you have any more scoop to dish out?


    • yalensis says:

      Breaking news!
      Now Kremlin is just saying that it was a prank call , and that Putin never spoke to Elton.

      Probably just some guy with a Russian accent, having a giggle.


      • Jen says:

        Russian Embassy in London surely has better things to do than to troll Elton John and David Cameron over his tweet calling Jeremy Corbyn a threat to national security.


        • yalensis says:

          P.S. – here is update on the Elton John prank. The pranksters were those 2 cards Vovan (=Vladimir Krasnov) and Leksus (=Alexei Stol’arov).
          Leksus played the role of Dmitry Peskov (=Putin’s press secretary). He speaks English very well. He phoned Elton John, pretending to be Peskov and then “translated” the ensuing telephone conversation with “Putin” (played by Vovan, who spoke in Russian).
          The phone call took place at 17:30 Moscow time. Elton was at the time in his recording studio in London, and eagerly took the call from the fake Putin.

          Vovan has a long history of pranking celebrities. One of his greatest feats to date was a pranking of Igor Kolomoisky. Vovan played the role of Pavel Gubarev, they communicated several times by Skype, and it worked, because Vovan actually bears a physical resemblance to Gubarev.


  4. Northern Star says:


    I had no idea that there was this type of (separatist) sentiment in Siberia……but these guys who think that Siberia could become a part of the USA are obviously mental patients off their meds…..right?????


    • yalensis says:

      Is this Brzezinski’s idea of a joke???!!!!

      If so, well, Americans can’t have Siberia, because it’s already been promised to the Chinese hordes. [that last = joke]


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