Nemtsov’s Heirs Fighting Over Estate

Boris Heirs

Boris Heirs

It has been, what? almost 7 months since the brutal assassination of Boris Nemtsov — and his estate still remains unpartitioned.  Readers will recall that Nemtsov was shot dead on 27 February 2015 right in the middle of Moscow.  The only witnesses being Boris’ beautiful young Ukrainian girlfriend and the killers themselves.  [Who have been allegedly apprehended, yet the motive is still unclear, although most indicators point to a clique within the Chechen police/security services.]

Anyhow… Boris’ violent death has left his various wives, mistresses, and progeny squabbling over the estate.

This story from KP involves an exclusive interview with one of Boris’ old flames, Ekaterina Iftodi.  Katya claims that a year ago she bore Boris a son (also named Boris).  Boris had every intention of recognizing the baby, but didn’t get around to doing this, before his untimely death.

Katya has a legal suit, to have the baby recognized as a legitimate heir of the assassinated politician, and to be able to take his name.  There is a lot of money involved in this, as well as prestige.  A simple DNA test would of course resolve the problem, but Katya claims Boris’ other families refuse to meet her in court, or submit DNA samples for the process.  At one point, an arrangement was almost reached, for the money to be divided amongst all Boris’ children, both legitimate and illegitimate; but then the arrangement fell through.

According to Katya, the person most blocking her is Boris’ earlier mistress, also a Ekaterina (Odintsova), mother to two of Boris’ children (Anton and Dina).  During the funeral ceremony for Boris, attended by all of his wives, mistresses and children, the two Katyas had a bit of a squabble.  Something about, who was responsible for which aspect of the ceremony, etc.  Fortunately, unlike Hamlet, neither one of the ladies actually leaped into the grave.  But the squabbling has not ceased since then.  Odintsova, naturally, fights fiercely for the rights of her two children.  Why should she share the money with this other Katya?

And the family feud even got to such a state of affairs, that Boris’ eldest child Zhanna (daughter of Boris’ first wife Raisa) actually “unfriended” Katya Iftodi on her Facebook.

It is looking now, like Iftodi and her little Borya will be left out in the cold.  Her lawyers cannot force the rest of the family, nor can the court, to undergo DNA analysis, and without that she has no proof that the kid is Boris’ son.

Idea!  This sounds like a job for Maury Povich!



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3 Responses to Nemtsov’s Heirs Fighting Over Estate

  1. bolasete says:

    what’s going on with murder investigation? do the wheels of justice need oil? i suppose all govts lie but in the us our thirsts are quenched more quickly. better a preposterous lie to chew on than no fable at all! even the brits were quick with litvinenko.


  2. bolasete says:

    forgive the irrelevance but this john cleese thing really lifted my mood:


    • yalensis says:

      Dear bolasete:
      You and I must be on the same wavelength, because I was thinking “Fawlty Towers” on the Irma Kratt story!
      Which would make Mayor Nellie = Sybil Fawlty; and Girkin = Basil, obviously.
      But who is Manuel?


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