Ukrainian Gypsies Upset by Sculpture


Also from last week, and also from PolitNavigator, This piece is about a statue of a gypsy, unveiled in the Transcarpathian Ukrainian village of Mukachevo.

The sculpture, unveiled in the town square depicting a gypsy with a broom, was donated to the town by the entourage of the local oligarch Viktor Baloha.

Perhaps the sculpture was not meant ill, however it did arouse hurt feelings in the local Roma (=Gypsy) population.  Local resident Natalia Kozyr wrote the following on her social media page:

“The statue of a gypsy street-sweeper was placed right on the intersection where the Roma Market begins.  Now, as soon as the Roma walks out of his door,  immediately he will see his designated place in life.  Apparently, in the mind of the sculptor, Romas are only good for cleaning the streets, and must eternally remain in the shadows [of life].  And what are we to say to those Roma who work as teachers, doctors, artists, musicians, translators, jurists?  Even more so, what does this say to those who are striving to become one of the above, striving to break out of this vicious cycle of poverty, social inequality, and discrimination?”

Natalia, along with other co-thinkers organized a flash-mob:  Gypsies from various professions had themselves photographed with a broom, as a sign of protest against the sculpture.

The following people are depicted in the accompanying photographs:

  • Andrei Horvat, Translator
  • Pap Aladar, Attorney
  • Ida Smirnitska, Crane Operator
  • Serhiy Chichak, Jurist
  • Renata Balog, Jurist

All of the above persons hold graduate-level academic degrees, except for Ida, who has advanced technical training.

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2 Responses to Ukrainian Gypsies Upset by Sculpture

  1. et Al says:

    I’m glad to see some Roma getting organized and pushing back.

    European Roma Rights Center:

    They still remain the most marginalized group on the continent, Europe at a loss of ‘what to do with them’. They got hammered heavily during the Balkans wars and have basically been ignored since by the great and good ‘humanitarians’. Apparently there are deserving refugees, and undeserving refugees….


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