Irma Kratt Caught In Honey Trap

Irma Kratt

Irma Kratt

I had to add a new category, called “Sex and Spy Scandals”, to accommodate this story from RusVesna, but hopefully, there will be lots more sex and spy sagas later.

A bit of backstory for those who don’t know who is Irma Kratt:

Irma was one of the heroines of the Maidan coup, one of the female “Centurions”.  When the Ukraine Civil War and “Anti-Terrorist Operation” began, Irma invaded Donbass.  Where she was taken prison by Separatist leader Igor Strelkov (Girkin), on 20 April 2014.  Irma spent several months living in a cell in the old SBU prison in the city of Slavyansk.  Where, according to evil-tongued gossips, Irma (possibly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome) fell in love with one of her interrogators, the huskily handsome Vyacheslav Ponomarev, Rebel Mayor of Slavyansk, and one of Girkin’s close associates.  Later, there was a falling-out between Girkin and Ponomarev – and boom! Ponomarev was locked up in the same prison, but probably not in the same cell, as Irma.  It was said that Irma used to slip love notes for Ponomarev under the door of her prison cell.

Still later, when Girkin and his Merry Men fled Slavyansk in the middle of the night, they were humane enough to unlock the prison cells beforehand, so that the prisoners would not be left untended, or to starve.  Ponomarev, his sins apparently forgiven, fled with Girkin.  Irma returned to her comrades in Kiev.

And now we come to the current story.  On her Facebook page, Irma, who supports the anti-government fascist enragés, has just published an account of how the Ukrainian secret service (SBU) engaged her in a honey trap.  Apparently, the man to whom Irma has given her heart these past 10 months, turned out to be a government spy.  Who was sent to spy on HER, and to insinuate himself into the Ukrainian radical nationalist movement.  Irma entitled her Facebook account “Sleeping With the Enemy”.

“Ten months of love, of trusting another person!” writes Irma.  “In my whole life, never have I experienced such a sincere relationship.  Never has any man [other than him] given me a bouquet of roses every day, diamond rings, brought me breakfast in bed.  I started to think that I had fallen into a fairy tale.  In reality, I had fallen into the SBU snare.  And yet I was truly in love!  I can’t even describe how much in love I was, I have no words to express it.  This man has three different names.  He used me.  He gained my trust in order to infiltrate the nationalists.  What can I say?  I am tired.  But I will survive!  In the future, I am begging you, Petro Poroshenko, please don’t send me any more [lovers], I’d rather eat from the garbage can than work with such dregs.”

Irma, Irmochka, maybe you should write another letter to Ponomarev!  He is probably as lonely as you.  Perhaps the two of you were meant to be together after all.  True love will find a way.

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12 Responses to Irma Kratt Caught In Honey Trap

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    She wouldn’t have been shocked if she had looked in the mirror.


  2. bolasete says:

    recollection from dregs from voice of or cassad ’bout female mayor locked up then cell unlocked when they left. same person, perhaps misidentified? funny how igor went from hero to egoist over ensuing year. let’s just hope putin doesn’t replicate that trajectory.


    • yalensis says:

      Oh my, yes, there was a whole soap opera going on in that prison-house in Slavyansk. It was like a cross between Peyton Place and Fawlty Towers.
      First Nellie (=the original Mayor) was arrested by Girkin, then Nellie acquired Stockholm Syndrome and threw her support behind the new Mayor (Mr. Hunky Ponomarev), then the new gal Irma was looking forward to her interrogation sessions every day with Mr. Hunky; but then Girkin had Ponomarev arrested; and then when the Rebs all fled to Donetsk, they left poor Little Nell behind, to be arrested by the Ukrainian goons.
      Only our sweet Irma got away scot-free, and nobody has even heard what happened to her Mr. Hunky after that. Nobody has seen hide nor hair of him.
      But the romantic in me still believes that he and Irma will meet up again someday, and unleash their true passion for one another.


  3. marknesop says:

    What a sad story! I can find it in my heart to be sorry even for Irma, as repulsive as I find the cause of her compatriots; truly, to have gone wrong in love hurts far worse than the serpent’s tooth.

    It just goes to show you that the Banderites do not even trust each other. That can’t be the basis for a very healthy relationship.

    As Bolasete alluded, I hope one day someone will do a comprehensive history of Igor Strelkov, because he seems to be a very complex figure. I’d be interested to know how many of his early successes were owed to real military genius and an aptitude for cold tactical thought amid all the confusion, and to what degree it was just blind fool’s luck and incompetence on the part of the enemy. It seems true there was a bit of psychiatric mystery attached to him and how he came to vault to the leadership position, and while not necessarily crazy in the most literal interpretation, he seems to have had some issues which were revealed after he was removed as military leader. To his credit, they did not seem to have interfered with his overall excellent decision-making when he was acting in that capacity.


    • yalensis says:

      Dear Mark:
      What I find most astonishing in this story, is that Irma wasn’t the least suspicious when this two-faced Lothario was buying her diamond rings. Who the f*** in Ukraine has the money to buy diamonds, except for the oligarchs?


  4. et Al says:

    One, two, one two three four – I’m caught with a Kratt, I can’t get back, because you love me too much baaaaaaabyy!


  5. the saucer people says:

    “I’m sure she will find her Mr. Right Sektor some day” – classic line, Yalensis – that will keep me smiling all day!


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