African Student Beaten in Kharkov

Students come from all over the world to study in Kharkov

This piece is from last week but I just happened to see it when checking out PolitNavigator.


Kharkov police are investigating an incident in which “black-skinned” (i.e., African) students were hassled by two neo-Nazi militiamen.  The video attached to the piece was posted to the Internet by a local resident named Kirill, who just happened to witness the incident.

Allegedly, two foreign students (the Africans) were sitting at a bus stop at the intersection of the streets “Shironitsy Guards” and “Heroes of Labor”.  The students were approached by two members of the police/National Guard unit “Azov” [yalensis: known for its neo-Nazi ideology, but now dressed all dapper in their Police Academy uniforms, contributed by the American government/taxpayers].

The Azovites asked the Africans for their papers.  One of the Azovites then proceeded to hassle one of the students.  The protesting student was temporarily stuffed into the police car, but later appeared to emerge unscathed, since other people intervened in the incident; and also, as it became clear to the Azovites that everything was being recorded on camera phones.

“They looked at his Student ID and said that it’s not a proper document,” eye-witness Kirill reported.  The black guy asked:  ‘What do you mean, it’s not a proper document?’, and he tried to explain how they gave them these ID’s.  The cop smacked him across the face and said, ‘shut up’,” Kirill added.

The cops continued to address niceties in the direction of the students, along the lines of, “What are you doing here?  Are you lost?  Getting uppity, eh?  You’re gonna blow me,  you maggot.”

[Video:  tried to click on it, it doesn’t work here, says you have to watch it on Youtube.  Try this link:

In the video, everybody is speaking Russian, including the young Africans, who keep repeating, e.g., “We didn’t do anything.  We’re students.”  Kudos to the locals who intervened and prevented what could have potentially been a very violent beating.

The follow-up is that the Kharkov police authorities say they will investigate the incident, as announced by the Press Secretary of the Police HQ.

The story concludes with PolitNavigator making an editorial/political point by linking to previous stories about Avakov’s “Black Hundreds” (=neo-Nazi militias) operating in Kharkov and basically terrorizing the local population with their violence and raids.

There is another link to a previous story, about American Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt and how he had personally blessed the new police patrols operating in the streets of Ukrainian cities, including Kharkov.  PolitNavigator is not very subtle, and the editorial implication is obvious.

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