Cop’s Son Navalny Fan Part 2

Joseph Goebbels



The Schoolboy who had his picture taken with Navalny Turned Out to be a Proponent of the Ideas of Goebbels


The teenager is of the opinion, that PARNAS has every chance of repeating the success of the NSDAP [=Nazi Party] if it can create a powerful propaganda apparatus

Judging by the images published on the page of 16-year-old Alexander S. on the social media site “V Kontakte” [yalensis:  Russian equivalent of Facebook] , the teenager who had his picture taken with Oppositionist Alexei Navalny, is a proponent of the ideas of the German Reich Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.  The schoolboy himself affirmed that he is deeply interested in the events which occurred in Germany in the first half of the 20th century.

“National Socialism was a very exotic and dark ideology, and what interests me most, is not what they did, but how a party of German working men was able to collect so many people and come to power,” Alexander S. recounted.  “And in this given matter, I am particularly interested in Joseph Goebbels.”

Additionally, in the opinion of the teenager, Navalny has every chance to repeat the success of this party of German working men, if he succeeds in conducting a good agitational campaign.

“If he is able to create a powerful propaganda machine, then he can absolutely repeat the success of the National-Socialists,” Alexander declared.  “But in any case, Navalny is not electable, because of the criminal cases against him.”



yalensis:  A couple of points:

  1. The Russian education system is sorely lacking, if these children are not being taught proper history.  For starters, the Nazi Party was NOT the party of the working man.  That would have been the Communist and Socialist Parties.  Just because a political party has wage-workers in it as members, that doesn’t make it a “workers party”.  Any more than a party founded by Ayn Rand or Ann Coulter would be considered a “women’s party”.  For starters.
  2. PARNAS was conceived as a LIBERAL party, not a nationalist party.  After the assassination of its leader, Boris Nemtsov, PARNAS changed course, by taking on the nationalist Navalny as its leader.  But this was on the insistence of the party’s American curators.  Who can’t tell a liberal from a fascist, everybody is groovy, so long as they’re anti-Putin.
  3. Navalny did indeed have a project (back, say, 2 years ago or so), called, in Russian, The Good Machine of Truth, which was his attempt to create a propaganda machine to spread Oppositionist ideas among the masses, using the Internet.  This may be what the youth Alexander was alluding to, in his talk of a propaganda machine.  In any case, Navalny’s project was a failure by any metric, as Putin now enjoys an 89% approval rating among Russian citizens.
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