Cop’s Son Navalny Fan Part 1

Navalny calls for exterminating migrants

This story is quite odd and raises so many other side issues, that I think my best approach is not to editorialize at all, or draw any conclusions, just straight translation:


A Man Summoned to the Police Because of a Photo of His Son with Navalny, Turns Out to be a Cop Himself


According to the schoolboy, his parent did not know the details of his meeting with the Oppositionist.

As LifeNews has learned, the father of a 16-year-old resident of the town of Galich, who was allegedly summoned to the police after his son was photographed with Oppositionist Alexei Navalny, turned out to be a cop himself.

Police Captain  Alexei S., father of 16-year-old Alexander S., works for the police in the town of Galich, a source in the police force has communicated [to LifeNews].

Alexander S. himself [=the boy]  confirmed, that after he was photographed with Alexei Navalny, former Advisor to the Governor of Kirov Province, his [the boy’s] father truly was “called onto the carpet” by his boss.  However, according to the teenager, his parent did not know anything about his [=the boy’s] meeting with the Oppositionist.

“Papa told me that they are calling him in tomorrow to (talk to his) boss, and also (summoning him) to my school, but he didn’t yell at me,” the schoolboy narrated.  “He wasn’t with me when I met Navalny, and therefore he doesn’t know what I talked about [with him].”

The youth explained how he came to meet Navalny:

“It all started when I was walking home from school with my friends.  A woman came up to us, and asked us, if we know Navalny.  When we said yes, she handed us a political flier from the PARNAS party, where it was written, that Navalny will be giving a speech at such-and-such a time in such-and-such a place.  We decided to go and listen to him.”

Recall that earlier, in his Twitter feed, Navalny’s associate Leonid Volkov, wrote that the Galich police had summoned the boy’s father, due to the photograph of the boy with Navalny.  Later, LifeNews correspondents were able to verify, that the 16-year-old Alexander S. is a hero-worshipper of Joseph Goebbels, chief ideologist of the Third Reich.

With a link to the neo-Nazi sub-story.

The plot thickens….

[yalensis:  P.S. I don’t have time right now, but I’ll translate the sub-story later, it gives the boy’s side of the story and why his interest in National-Socialism.]

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