Was Solzhenitsyn Actually a Golovev?

Господа Головлёвы

Here is a quickie from the ineffable Colonel Cassad’s blog:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was tagged, by a not-so-adoring fan, with graffiti reading “Judas“.

This happened in the city of Vladivostok.  Where majority of residents wanted to see a statue of Stalin.  Ignoring public opinion, the liberal-minded local government instead put up a statue of Stalin’s greatest enemy, Solzhenitsyn.

In turn, the anti-fan, who obviously prefers 19th-century to 20th-century Russian literature, made an oblique allusion to the character of Iudushka Golovev, from Saltykov-Shchedrin’s masterpiece “Господа Головлёвы”.  (P.S. – that last bit is a joke, but Russian Lit majors will get it.)

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2 Responses to Was Solzhenitsyn Actually a Golovev?

  1. Charles Lott says:

    A little help, please…I am searching for an incident once mentioned by Solzhenitsyn of somebody caught up in a mass arrest in Moscow. The door to his cell opened up and no guards were around. As he headed to the main entrance, guards saw him and tried to stop him but they could not. The main door opened up and he walked out. Afterward, all the prisoners and guards who witnessed the event made written statements, were thanked, and were then shot as the authorities did not want any further discussion of the miracle. Thought it was in “Gulag” but couldn’t find it. Please advise if you can. — Charles Betty


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