Kashin Exposes Would-Be Assassins

Oleg Kashin

Wow, this one is huge!

Oleg Kashin has exposed the names of his (alleged) (would-be) killers.

Recall that 5 years ago (November, 2010), the Russian journalist Kashin was ferociously beaten, almost to death, outside of his flat.  The list of his injuries would fill an entire medical textbook.  Oleg had to endure, not only the beating, but several painful surgeries and a long rehab.

Now, he has come out with what he says are the names of his attackers:

  • Danila Mikhailovich Veselov, date of birth 11 November 1972.  Worked at the time (of the beating) as Security Guard of [unnamed] factory in Petersburg, a private firm part of the “Leninets” holding belonging to the family of the Pskov Regional Governor Andrei Turchak.
  • V’acheslav Borisov, also a security guard at the same factory.
  • The getaway driver (of a Ford Focus), Mikhail Valentinovich Kavtaskin, date of birth 12 February 1980.  Also a security guard at that same factory.

KP goes on to report that Veselov and Kavtaskin are both under arrest.  They have been charged with Part 3, Article 30 (attempted murder); and also points «ж» and «з» of Part 2, Article 105 (murder or attempted murder for hire, for motives of profit).  The third man, Borisov, is not in custody:  he is in the wind, with a federal warrant out for his arrest.

Veselov and Kavtaskin are said to be singing like canaries; they already fingered their boss Alexander Gorbunov.  Who was also taken into custody.  They claim that Gorbunov paid them 3,300,000 rubles to whack Kashin.

As to the motive?  This is as yet still unspoken.

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