Nazi Brought In For Questioning



This story from PolitNavigator is brief enough to translate in full:



Tiahnybok brought with him to his interrogation, a support group: some old ladies carrying posters about Putin’s cunning intrigues.

In Kiev has begun the questioning of the head of the Nationalist party “Svoboda”, led by Oleh Tiahnybok, whom the authorities have designated responsible for the disorders in front of the National Rada [Parliament], in the course of which a military-style grenade was exploded.

[yalensis:  This clash with police occurred on 31 August.  Three police/National Guardsmen were killed, and many others injured.]

The questioning [of Tiahnybok] is being conducted by the head of the Kiev police General Alexander Tereshchuk.

In front of the building (which is used by the cadre who fight organized crime), Tiahnybok summoned journalists, and also brought his support group:  (Svoboda) party functionaries carrying banners and posters, which assert that the aim is to destroy “Svoboda” as political competition to Poroshenko-Yatsenuk, and also to serve the interests of the Kremlin.

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