LifeNews Interviews American Boxer

Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr.

In this interview with the Russian tabloid newspaper LifeNews, American elite heavyweight boxer Roy Jones Jr. describes his impressions of Russia and the Russian people.

Jones was amazed by his travels on the Crimean peninsula, it was nothing like what he expected.

Jones counsels his fellow American celebrity Fred Durst (“Limp Biscuit”) to travel all of Crimea and see the sights.  Like Jones, Biscuit has also requested Russian citizenship.

On 19 August, Roy Jones met with Russian President Vladimir Putin; they are mutual fans.

In the interview, Roy and the reporter speak in English, which is dubbed over in Russian.  I searched for the English version without the dubbing, for the benefit of Anglophone readers.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this on the Intertubes, and perhaps the problem is because Youtube has blocked the LifeNews channel.

(As part of ongoing propaganda war against Russian media.)

As a quick summary:  Jones makes some interesting comments about his boxing style; appears to be very religious; and challenges Ukrainian boxer Vitaly Klichko (of whom he speaks respectfully) to a macho one-on-one fight.

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