Benny Bitch-Slaps Misha

Here is something interesting from PolitNavigator, via Ukrainian-language TSN:

Backstory:  Recall that Igor (aka “Benny”) Kolomoisky was rudely fired from his post as regional Governor back in March:

Since then Benny, like Achilles in his tent, has been sitting and brooding over the grievous wrong that was done to him.

Now, he lashes out, at Saakashvili.


Kolomoisky has called Saakashvili a “dog who needs to be muzzled”.

“When a dog without a muzzle bites a person, then it is necessary to punish that dog, and especially its owner.  In such circumstances, dogs are put to sleep.  And in our case [with Saakashvili], it is necessary to send him packing back to Gruzia, so that he can answer for the people that he bit there,” Kolomoisky asserted, in his usual colorful language.

Kolomoisky went on to imply, darkly, “And we know exactly who his owner is.”

Kolomoisky blames Saakashvili for the ultimate crime:  cheating him (=Benny) out of some money.  [yalensis:  Something to do with customs fees at Odessa port.  Not intimate with the gory details].  “I believe,” Kolomoisky goes on to say, “that there is no point in interacting with this big-nosed narcomaniac, until he undergoes a course of rehabilitation from his drug dependency.  My course of conduct – is to meet with him in court, to defend my honor and my dignity there, and to receive material compensation.  Saakashvili says that he makes 200,000 dollars in salary, let him pay me from that.”

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